I'll Meet You There ...

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


The sun came out briefly very bright and very hot … and we loved every second of it :-D

We went for 2 dike hikes along the sloughs in town – one around the fancy Golf Course, which in my opinion, was very boring … and another along the dike we usually walk this time of year hoping to see baby ducks. There were no babies in sight, but we did see lots of ducks and even spotted the ever illusive turtle:

The turtle is on the green algae mass with its nose stuck up in the air like a snake head.

Then we drove across the border for 3 dozen fresh eggs and stopped for a tasty Thai meal and Thai Iced tea once we got back on home turf before stopping at Wal*Mart on our way home. I picked up some Easter Stuff (NO candy though), and then picked up 6 bags of soil, 5 strawberry plants, and 5 begonias … the back end of our Highlander was loaded so heavily that it looked snobbish driving down the highway with its nose in the air. To our way of thinking it was a true miracle that its front tires were still making contact with the blacktop. LOL!

Once back home, we unloaded the bags of soil and filled 2 veggie planter boxes – only a dozen more to go <:-O I am chomping at the bit to get the boxes filled and planted, so I hope the weather starts cooperating. There is very limited gardening time in Washington State between the monsoons and all this prolonged dreary wet weather is eating a third of it up >:-P

The sunny 70-degree weather felt good; I hope it comes to stay soon so every day can be a ‘fun in the sun’ day ;-)