I'll Meet You There ...

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


The weather is bizarre this year – that is true, but I also have my 1st 2017 Holiday Bazaar lined up for the last week of October at Rosburg Hall (Hub’s hometown), so the other day I stopped by Jo-Anne’s and get some more tulle and scrubby yarn to make new scrubbies – they always sell so fast. I have lots of other things in my bazaar bins, but no scrubbies. Anyway … long story short, I got 10 colors of stiff tulle to cut into 1-inch strips, and 6 colors of glittery tulle in medium , that is true, weight to work with the scrubby yarn for Holiday sparkle ;-)

Bag of tulle strips waiting to be crocheted into scrubbies.

While I was at Jo-Anne’s I realized I have no scissors at the Hotel room where we have been sequestered by the Home Insurance Company while our kitchen is being remodeled due to the water damage that happened 3 weeks ago, so I started looking for a small pair to carry in my purse. I spotted this cute zebra stripe scissors and just had to have it! It are actually for kids 12+, but they fit my hand; and they are sharp and will work for the project intended. And they match my funky glasses :-D :-D :-D

Artsy glasses for a crafting dive. hahaha ...

So far I have worked up 6 scrubbies - the top 4 are holiday colors - Fall orange/black, Thanksgiving, Seahawk games, Christmas. The bottom 2 are Christmas and Seahawk colors.

New scrubbies: top 4 are tulle; bottom 2 are tulle & scrubby yarn combo. The bottom scrubbies are thicker and heavier, so they are priced a little more. And the glittery tulle gives a whole new meaning to 'sparkling dishes' ;-)

We stopped by our house yesterday, and the tile layers were busy at work. The tile flooring is gorgeous! And it’s gonna look real N.I.C.E. when it’s grouted and sealed …