I'll Meet You There ...

Wednesday, July 4, 2018


The thongs I bought last year have become very worn around the right toe area … 

… so I trashed them and bought new ones today at the $ Store to replace them. But the old ones had a comfortable fabric toe post and upper slings, and the new ones have a rubber toe post and upper slings:

So after we got back home from downtown and ate a quick and light Supper, I crocheted around the toe post of the new things with matching lightweight crochet cotton to keep my inner toes from getting blistered. I didn’t need it to be fancy … just comfortable :-D

There is no pattern; I just got busy ;-) But if you want to do something similar to your thongs, all you need is Size #10 Mercerized Cotton Thread, & a very small headed crochet hook. Make a chain to go around the thong post – join to encircle post and work in round to the upper straps, then crochet a chain long enough to reach around the strap, join to the beginning strap chain and sl st across the front of the post to the other strap and repeat. End off and weave thread in neatly. Repeat for second thong.

That’s it!

Easy peasy ;-)