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Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Once again I have separated myself from my sister and her husband. This time, I am thinking the cut will be permanent because their behavior has not changed, but rather worsened.

Both have serious issues with being honest, upright, Christian … despite david supposedly having a ministering license, and ramona acting as a minister’s wife. I say {supposedly having a ministering license} because I, personally, have never seen the license ramona brags about – BUT I HAVE, over the span of 25 years in which they have “been ministering” – seen their mistreatment of those they {help}, heard their own recounts (and the recounting of others) of their ‘persecutions’, and listened to their whining about how they are continually ‘misunderstood’ … ramona even posted on her FB Page a song by that name.
I have known my sister all of her life. I have never known her to be a Christian example. Ever. She talks a good game though. I really don’t know her husband at all, though they have been together for 41 years – I never wanted to know him because he is a self centered and mean-spirited cad, who treats ramona and anyone else in his path terrible. They BOTH like to instigate trouble and whip up flames of self destruction. Doesn’t sound – or look like – Christian behavior to me: or to anyone else, for that matter.
My husband has recently undergone a very serious stint in ER and ICU. They, along with our children and grandchildren, visited him in the hospital and stayed with me off and on at our home. The difference being that ramona and david claim to be Christians ...and claim to be ministers. They act the part; but they are only acting the part: in truth, they are snake oil salespeople selling something they don’t believe in themselves.
And to add injury to insult, they lied to us; boldfaced and continuously. But, you know, liars aren’t very intelligent; and they aren’t as slick as they believe themselves to be. Liars always trip themselves up if you give them enough rope to hang themselves with. And that is exactly what happened here over the weekend. They can’t help themselves. They are hypocritical backstabbing braggarts. It’s sad. And more than a bit angering.
They show up in people’s lives “to help” when help is desperately needed … and eventually, always, end up causing more harm than the actual situation where help is needed. I, personally know of a situation where a young couple expecting a baby depended on their {help} and was royally shafted, leading to a break with Christians altogether because of the experience they had with ramona and david. This young couple had recently moved to the Grays Harbor area and had no income; ramona’s mother took them in as borders, and ramona hired the young man to help david (david is a cedar beaver – he cuts cedar and makes shingle bundles for a living). This young man was a city boy – never been in the woods at all in his entire life; he was expecting david to help him learn what needed to be done – instead david takes him into the woods, has him aimlessly running up and down through deep gullies an entire week, brings him home exhausted every night, and then REFUSES TO PAY HIM! Why? In david’s own words: “i didn’t hire him – ramona did. I don't owe him anything”. Unbelievable. That young couple depended on that paycheck that was never given; they left the area shortly thereafter and because of the rotten experience they had with rotten {Christians, aka: ramona and david}, they will never trust Christians again. And it is like that with EVERY person david has “working for him”: the only person he has paid to date is his SIL, and that is currently going south.
ramona and david want the praise that goes with being {church leaders} without the responsibilities. They are both incapable of honesty, integrity, and/or accountability – to Christ, or as Ambassadors of the Body of Christ. And they are terrible and disastrous witnesses to the world at large. Their basic behavior has not changed, but rather worsened over the years as arrogant cockiness and a feeling of untouchableness settles over their troubled and troubling lives. Self-righteousness has taken root and they personally absolve themselves of responsibility to treat others with the dignity, grace, and/or mercy they expect to be given them.
Many times, over the years, Hubs and I have tried to accept their parody of repentance and unity, BUT eventually they slip up and are recognized at face value … which is always shoddy and stinking rotten with total disregard for authority – ANY authority – be that authority government or civil level, and even Elohim’s, as they continue their self-serving sinful ways leaving chaos behind in their disastrous wakes.
The main issue continues to be one of trust. Even when forgiveness is open-handedly given by those they callously offend (and angrily rejected by them!), trustworthiness is questionable given their effective team manipulation using many deceptive methods. This continual behavior is evidence of deep moral character flaws; and character does not change overnight. Unfortunately, their flaws have been going on for decades and they see “no reason to change for anyone”. It is my solid conviction, especially after following this weekend’s bold deception, that any further dealings with them would be the height of ridiculous and personal folly. What happened to Ananias and his wife, as recorded in Acts 5 gives an insight into Adonai’s attitude concerning dishonesty.
Their high-mindedness and virulent disdain towards others is obnoxious and smells offensive in the nostrils of Elohim. Respect of persons and Christian behavior has been an obvious flaw in dealing with these 2 for decades. They cut ties with ANY Christian Fellowship because they simply cannot get along with anyone! And after personally experiencing their inexcusable behavior, our recommendation is this: without question, david and ramona (as his helpmate) should be disqualified from ANY extra-local ministry. At present david would not even qualify as an elder or a deacon in ANY Body of Believers. Their personal behavior has proven them untrustworthy with the young and weak. Their lying has proven them untrustworthy. Their high-minded manipulation has proven them to be incapable of unity – be it with leadership or otherwise. One cannot build one’s own ‘ministry’ and the Body of Christ at the same time – it is either one or the other.
Because ramona is my sister and david is my BIL, I held on longer than was wise. I have felt for some time … and recent events have proven to me … that ramona and david put their {ministry} and personal concerns ahead of the welfare of others; I truly believe that IF there is a pastor's license in david's possession, it was gotten as a means of attaining $$$$$ the easy way, and there was at one time a {church} taking place in their home that didn't last long. And their angry responses to suggested Christian disciplines polarize and divide. They will not recognize the need for forgiveness and repentance.
Because they do not realize they need to repent and begin behaving as they expect others to treat them – and because they refuse and do not understand the need for forgiveness which leads to repentance, I have decided to cull them from my life (which is biblically correct action given the situation and circumstances): they are no longer welcome in my home, they are blocked from my FB Page, and their phone numbers have been deleted from my Contacts Address Book. For all intents and purposes, they no longer exist; though they are, of course, a physical entity on this earth as long as they still breathe.
What they did over the weekend was bad. Very bad. They can’t help themselves. They are hypocritical backstabbing braggarts.
And I'm also thinking she will be on he FB Page whining and crying about how {persecuted} they are.
Typical ramona.

We are done with them. I am thinking permanently.