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Monday, October 9, 2017


We celebrate Columbus Day in our family. Why? Because it is important and because it is valid.

I understand that this is a problem with pseudo Americans today: TOO BAD!

As a person with Native American DNA as well as European and Asian DNA, I don’t have a problem with Columbus Day; but I DO have a problem with certain groups pf people LIVING IN AMERICA that have a problem with American History.

Native Americans – like any other ethnic group – have had their black spots on History also … but that is no REASON TO TRY TO ERASE HISTORY OR REWRITE IT.

Columbus Day celebrates the SPIRIT OF EXPLORATION: Native Americans should understand that concept.

So Europeans infiltrated and gained the land later to become known as ‘America’ by conquest. Big deal? Not really; Native Americans, themselves, gained land by conquest. So Europeans killed a couple of Native Americans. Big deal? Not really: Native Americans, themselves, killed their enemies and nearly eradicated entire Native American tribes during times of war – which is what gaining more land all about.

The entire argument made by rabble-rousing Native American tribes is at best ridiculous, and at worse … H.Y.P.O.C.R.I.T.I.C.AL.

In fact, it’s downright laughable.

Like the ‘palestinian’ argument.

There are so many holes in the argument that they are losing ground before they can find firm footing.

So is the argument that Native Americans are the only people in North America that are allowed to gain land by conquest and war tactics acceptable? RIDICULOUS AND NEANDERTHAL THINKING!

Columbus Day happened.

Europeans now live in America.

Get over it; get over yourselves: learn to live together people.