Be Still My Soul ...

Thursday, May 26, 2022


This devil just can't keep his pie-hole closed ...

obama is in love with himself, and follows the lure of his own voice.

obama and his DC disciples are still pushing a false narrative: &

Always fanning the flames of racism: "It sucks those kids died, but remember George Floyd? He's who I'm still thinking about." — Barack Obama

The children were INNOCENT victims.

floyd was a drugged-out criminal ENGAGED IN CRIMINAL ACTIVITY ... who would still be alive had he chosen a different "profession". I feel no sympathy whatsoever for floyd, and I'm offended he is continually held up as a sainted martyr by the DC demons.

Clueless ASS obama needs to get his facts straight before he tries to sway public sympathies.

And whoopless whoopie is as demonically inspired as her man-god, barak hussain obama.

ASS whoopie

These people have lost what little sense they ever had, to the racial hatred they embrace, and inspire in the weak among us.

Crazy racist whoopie needs a reality check ...


Guns don't kill people: people kill people.

As whoopie is so clearly highlighting: she is too demented to realize that she is ADVOCATING MURDER while bitching about murder.

whoope threatens to ‘punch somebody’ if she hears republicans are heartbroken after Texas shooting: & threatens blackmailing reprisals:

What an ASS


I agree that what has happened this past week with the murders in Buffalo, and in Uvalde ... BUT I refuse to get sucked into the never-ending cycle of grieving politicians are using for their own political agendas.

Politically manipulated grieving is shameful.

Grief is exhausting. And continual exhaustion is DC's golden goose.

The government fed media makes sure Americans are given a hefty dose of exhaustion 24/7/365.

BE WISE with what you allow to occupy your life!

Everyone is grieving in some way, shape, or form: and most of it is done privately, with no fanfare whatsoever.

Once again, the media is trying to throw Americans into a depressed mode. I, personally, don’t go there: and that attitude has cost me friends because it makes me “unacceptable”. So be it.

I can’t control how people behave. Feelings get hurt. Tragedies happen.

Evil is running unchecked in this obamanite-era in America - and in the world at large.

And the only way to stop that unchecked evil, is to stop the obamanite era.

Yes, what happened in Buffalo was terrible. What happened in Uvalde is terrible. But terrible things happen every single day – to someone, somewhere. I’m not going to go into a tailspin over that. Lives were changed this week; what people knew before those terrible happenings, was irrevocably altered; and that can’t be changed. But national mourning 24/7/365 won’t change it.

And I have my own stuff going on: I’m not going to allow myself to be sucked into someone else’s stuff willy-nilly.

If that sounds heartless, I’m sorry – but you don’t personally know me: your opinions of me are yours, not necessarily shared by anyone other than yourself. If you knew me, you would know that I am not as hard as I sound: I’m just not going to allow myself to be pulled into a politically manipulated grieving cycle.

And I’m really sick and tired of the DC talking heads, and the egotistical celebrities “going live” to promote their personal opinions on “the need for gun control!”

Let me just say this once again for people who are too dimwitted, or brainwashed by the political hyperbole, to understand that GUNS DO NOT KILL PEOPLE; guns are inanimate things that only come alive when handled by people.

Guns do not kill people ... mentally unbalanced people kill people; and politicians utilize that evil for their own gain.
Anything can be used as a weapon to kill.

Animated people kill people. people intent on killing people will kill people by any means they can. The push for banning personal guns is ridiculous because it will end nothing … except another American personal freedom.

Banning guns will not end grief.

Grief is an unpleasant bastard we all have to deal with.

And it will visit people without the help of a gun – banned, or not.

The DC mindset that if everything that has the possibility to hurt another was removed, life would be wonderful, is ludicrous. A perfect world does not exist, here on planet Earth.

Americans have forgotten that grief, like everything else, has to be worked through with grit and determination.

Attacking people for their choice of lifestyle ... and that choice, in America INCLUDES PERSONAL GUNS UPHELD BY OUR CONSTITUTION AND BILL OF RIGHTS ... 
will not end grief.

Grief will still continue to visit people.

Just as swift.

Just as hard.

Just as unrepentant.

Tragedy is a part of Life; and it won't disappear when the government grabs our guns, and places shackles on you "for your own good".

People get wounded. People die. Death is not a National Crisis.

The mentality behind the deaths is what is a National Crisis – and that hails from the obamanite-infested-DC.

Grief is a personal journey … it should not be snatched up by shameless politicians and their lapdogs to further political agendas.

And I find it very hypocritical that the voices screaming the loudest for gun control are screaming louder for abortion” rights”. ((((HELLO PEOPLE!)))) Murder is murdercherry-picking which murder is worse is wicked nonsense.

I have to choose wisely what I allow myself to get pulled into.

All lives matter: even the unborn.

Politicians (most of them abortion supporters) are using gun related grief to keep Americans so exhausted with all the media-fueled hysteria, fanned by the emotions of angry fear ... in hopes of keeping them too depressed to think clearly about what is really going on in America’s Godless society, birthed by the wicked obamas and furthered by crazy pelosi’s Congress, and brainless biden’s administration.

I don't allow that kind of mentality into my personal space, to disturb my peace of mind.

I do not apologize for putting MY peace of mind above everyone else's.

If I am continually stressed out, I cannot be available for myself ... or of benefit to anyone else.

Stressed out people allow others to take their personal freedoms away - case and point: covid, stolen election, the right to assemble, religion of choice, the right to life, freedom of speech, ect.

I refuse to get stuck on the politically generated grief hamster wheel.

Tragedies happen - and are most often out of our control to control.

BUT the pursuit of happiness and mental well-being is a personal choice.

Tragedies happen in Life; choose wisely what you allow to disturb your peace of mind.

The world's hamster wheel, fueled by politically manipulated depression, is not for me. The bait is toxic.

Grief is Life's constant Companion. Life moves forward ... and Grief always tags along, waiting to spring.

obmanite DC {Laws} won't evict Grief.


After last night’s blowout; I needed to burn off some energy and settle my thoughts.

First thing I did this morning was delete both Tamika’s phone number – and the Zoom Meet Contact.

Then, I started exercising – I pushed the envelope, but my body can handle it, so I didn’t really exert myself: I just did more than I normally do.

10-Minute Ageless Woman Workout:

Can You Get Rid Of Bat Wings And Go Sleeveless At Sixty:

Use common sense - and know what your body can do, before exercising. I do about 15 to 20 reps an exercise.

That wrapping up, I decided to go for a walk 😉

I still have big expenses happening this month, so I decided to stay close to home: Lake Sacajawea is less than 5 minutes from my front door; that would do nicely 😉

Next time I will go the Old Pacific Highway, because there are tire-eater steel plates across Ocean Beach Highway again

The tire-eater steel plates are back; strung across OBH at Baker's Corner. These things are thick - and sharp edged. They can do serious damage to tires.
Mt. Solo Road will be closed until September (upgrading the sewer lines I’ve been told); already the water bill has escalated to recoup the City’s monetary deficit.

And things weren’t much better at the gas pump when I pulled in there to top the gas tank.

Gas prices will be out of sight by the time Summer Holidays arrive.
Not quite half a tank ... the Highlander gest 21 miles to a gallon. Even so, it's been parked quite a bit this year.

When I got to the Lake, I determined to walk the entire Lake Loop Hike.

Lake Sacajawea:

There was a parking spot available at the Rhododendron Garden area … so, I started from there.

I took a lot of pictures of the blossoms because I want to work designs around the color schemes.

These dainty bells caught my eye, right off. They are quite little.
Purple with black accent 'eye'; large, flared blossom.
Pink with orange accent 'eye'; large flared blossom.
Lilac with white star center, & fuchsia accent 'eye'; medium flared blossom.
Pale lilac with dark purple 'eye'; medium flared blossom.
Pink with maroon accent 'eye'; medium flared blossom.
Light Purple with white petal stripes & pistachio accent 'eye'; medium flared blossom.
Pink-edge cream with gold accent 'eye'; medium flared blossom.
Red with deep fuchsia accent 'eye'; medium flared blossom.
Eye-catching with the sunlight illuminating the blossoms from behind; a deep pink with a yellow throat & orange accent 'eye'; medium flared blossoms.
A white rhodie that has managed not to 'melt' into a slimy mess after the rainfall; a pristine white with a touch of purple, deep in the trumpet neck; medium blossoms.
Pale pink with candy pink striping on the outside of flared blossoms.
Fuchsia with pale yellow star; medium flared blossom.
Tempting fate; heavily pollen-laden evergreen tips right at nose level ...
Pretty, dangling trumpet-shaped blossoms. Medium blossom spread; salmon with yellow inside-n-out of trumpet blossoms; gold accent 'eye'.
Rhodie’s are pretty - but they kinda 'melt' and get slimy when it rains heavily.

Reaching the Main Playground, I saw that construction was still happening in that area.

Renovations still going on ... all the way over the footbridge to Nichols Blvd. Plaza.
New sidewalks will be laid, next week.
And an archway will be constructed - I asked what was going on ;-)
Poignant memory right here ... the last time Bob visited this Park.
Hearing Bob's voice is a mixed blessing. Bob loved this Park; and he loved our grandson. October 19th, 2018.
October 19th, 2018. This is the last time Bob and Aza saw each other. After this day in the Park, Bob went into the hospital, and never came out again, alive.

I kept walking.

I did not want to start crying.

Pretty Dogwood tree near the playground.
Lion's Island in bloom – rhodie’s, yellow flag lilies, and white waterlilies.
The Longview Community Church; Bob's sister, Merry, married her second husband, here.
I'll be walking under this Washington Way Bridge - on the opposite side - on my way back to the Highlander.
Our daughter married Alyna's Father, Greg, here; the day after Christmas 1995.

This Park is ‘tradition’: lots of memories here. This was Bob’s favorite place to be, in Longview. We came here dating. We came here as a married couple. And now, I come here as a Solo Lobo.

Pirate Ship in Lion's Pirate Park section of Lake Sacajawea; Alyna, and Azariah played here. Azariah loved this thing.
These wild roses were very pungent ... and LARGE petaled; what a surprise. Lion's Pirate's Playground. I never knew wild roses could get SO large!
This tree looked like it was covered with white butterflies ... another Dogwood tree - pungently pleasing.
A Golden Chain tree.
The markings on this pole, is very striking - I was impressed to be inspired.
Pretty white waterlilies along the trail behind the Pirate Park; small blossoms.
Another Gothic-style church building; Bob's sister, Bonnie married her first husband, here.
I like the door ... and the staggered brick work, too.

Turning, I saw little goslings 😊

So, I watched them for a while.

Goose families taking advantage of this warm, sunny day.

I was feeling pretty good. My feet were felling pretty good. I was making good time.

Trail I just walked behind the Pirate Park ... opposite side of the Lake.
White Hydrangea blossoms.
Pretty, vibrant red hedge.
Yellow Flag Lilies (aka Swamp lilies).
White water lilies.
Bicolor shrub.
Peony bush.
Hybrid Lavender plant.
Caught sight of a fisherman. Not sure if fish are biting ... but this fisherman sure is biting. LOL
Another one; this one is a fisherwoman.
I teased her a little.
A five- foot-long sturgeon was recently seen cruising through the murky depths of Lake Sacajawea; this is the actual picture.
That is where I started from; the Rhododendron Garden's backside.
Geese & Mallards.
Yellow waterlilies blooming.
The Japanese Garden Entrance.
Japanese Garden Bridge.
Brilliant red leaves as soon as you cross the bridge.
Water feature in the Japanese Garden; very soothing, and relaxing.
Dark salmon Azalea with a striking orange accent 'eye'; medium blossom.

It was a good day in the Park, today 😊

And I can’t wait to start using some of those inspirational color combinations in new designs 😉