I'll Meet You There ...

Monday, June 10, 2019


This morning I woke up and decided that THIS was the day I would design and craft the sling that would help me lower my husband’s cremains into a ridiculously deep “state required 4 foot hole” in the ground in 12 short weeks.

The cremains box is about the size of a teenager’s shoe box – there is no need for such a deep hole.

It is a stupid law.

And unnecessary.

That, being said, there is no way to get around it … even in a family cemetery, that by Law, does not have to adhere to State Law.

But the people in control of the cemetery are insistent – so I must concede. I am already in enough trouble with the family; I don’t need to borrow more by being insistent myself.

So …

I needed to stop procrastinating.

Out of bed I rolled.

Down the hall, I padded.

And I got a nice surprise when I reach the livingroom :-D

It was such a bright sunny morning, that I decided to look out the window before heading for the coffee pot. Turning from the window, I happened to glance down at the wide windowsill – no particular reason – and saw a baby dragonfly!

It must have flown into the house last night when I was in and out. Either that, or it came in with the greens I brought in.

However it got in, I was glad to see it; then I carefully shifted it from the windowsill to a geranium outside on our cozy front porch ;-)

About now, if Bob were still here in the flesh, we would more than likely be in one of the 4 mountain environments, hiking and watching dragonflies’ flit from here to there.

But, Bob is no longer here in the flesh. And I will no longer be enjoying any of the mountains’ environments.

So I was delighted to see that baby dragonfly this morning in our home – totally content; it didn’t flinch or try to fly away. Perhaps Bob whispered to the dragonfly that I needed it to lighten my day.

I sent the videos to kids, grandkids, my 2 sisters, and Bob’s siblings.

One sister said seeing that dragonfly was like Bob saying ‘hi’ and that he misses me: could be ;-)

One granddaughter said she recently read a book about how dragonflies are a sign of good times and happy memories: that fits :-D

One SIL thanked me, and told me she needed that happy lift today. Me too.

Bob has always been good to me.

And he always knew how to make me smile ;-)

Over the past month I have found pennies, and feathers, and this morning there was a dragonfly in-house: I took that as a very good sign that Bob’s spirit would be with me today while I got busy with a very difficult task …

Yarns being used in my design. I chose these yarns for a specific representation to the creation of the cremains box sling.
A work of love in progress. A bittersweet design.

Halfway through the process, the temperature rose uncomfortably, and I stopped long enough to slip on one of Bob’s roomy tee shirts, and to lift my hair off my neck and turn the air conditioner on: 

The sling is necessary – but, oh! – how I wish it were not needed …

I love you, Babe.