I'll Meet You There ...

Saturday, August 25, 2018


Feeling full of vim and vigor yesterday afternoon, I enthusiastically got busy making our Sabbath Bread and decided to double the recipe (http://jeastofeden.blogspot.com/2018/07/low-cholesterol-challah-shabbat-bread.html) leaving out the raisins, and add some Dinner Rolls & Cinnamon Rolls to the itinerary ;-)

I used 2/3's dough to make Challah in loaf pans today & I made Dinner Rolls, Cinnamon Rolls made with the last 1/3 dough.
I braid my Challah to represent threefold Elohei (Godhead): Elohim (Father)-Yeshua (Son/Jesus)-Ruach Ha’Kodesh (Holy Spirit).
Bread and rolls baked at same oven temperature for the same amount of time. Worked out very nice - everything was baked in 25 minutes!
Cinnamon Rolls glazed.
We will eat the Braided Challah for Sabbath meals (Friday night to Saturday night) and eat the Dinner Rolls & other Challah loaf for weekdays, starting Sunday.