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Monday, February 20, 2017

MOD Spotted Poison Dart Frog Slippers

Every year I chose a “theme” for my original designs, whether it be kitchen towels, sweaters, hats, mitts, booties, or slippers. I did Chameleons last year and my special/original designed Slippers went over big ... I even had repeat orders for them: calls came in before and after the Bazaar season ;-) The year before last I worked my designs around colorful sea slugs and the colorful giant maxima sea clams.

I only make 1 of each design so my customers are assured that they have bought an item no one else has; I never repeat a design. Ever … firstly, is the fact that I get bored easy and doing repeats of the same thing over and over and over would drives me nuts and take the fun out of my designing creativity; and secondly, because that is the trademark of my in-home-Shoppe business … O.R.I.G.I.N.A.L.I.T.Y.

I also made 2 very special pairs of Chameleon Slippers for my 2 year old grandson - and they were really cute on his little feet as he ran through the house :-D

This year I'll be focusing on colorfully patterned exotic frogs and lizards – that is my ‘theme’ for 2017 designs; I may try something designed after exotic flowers too, but we’ll see where things go and how much time I have to dink around before the new Bazaar season begins the end of October 2017.

I like this frog’s color scheme: and I had the yarn on hand ;-)

Spotted Poison Dart Frog

These slippers only used 2 main colors and a scrap of black for the eyes, so they worked up fairly quickly last night; I started them after Supper and finished them around midnight:

MOD Spotted Poison Dart Frog Slippers – Toddler $10 PR