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Tuesday, May 28, 2019


2 days ago, I posted a Badassery post by a fellow Blogger (https://jeastofeden.blogspot.com/2019/05/no-more-premium-badass-card.html) and stated that I was in retirement from the Badass Club.
Well … this morning I was rudely pulled back into a chancy game of life from retirement, and my Premium Gold Card in the Badass Club was back in play.
About 8:05 a.m., I was standing in my back yard, watering my garden boxes when I notice that jerk-next door-Ron HAS SPAYED ROUND-UP OVER THE PROPERTY LINE AND ONTO MY PROPERTY!
So, I take a picture of it and go to talk to Candy about it:

I show her the picture and ask her to please talk to Ron about it. I DID SAY PLEASE in a calm tone because I know this woman is a loose bullet - but she is also the go-to-person for Park disputes that cannot be settled face-to-face between tenants: that is ONE of her management jobs. She looks at the picture, cops an immediate attitude and snaps my head off saying, "Ron is moving because of you in 2 weeks and I am not going to talk to him about this."
Taken aback by the violent hatred towards me in her voice ….

… I calmly remind her that Ron has been talking about selling his house and moving since the day we moved into our home here 23 months ago ... BEFORE the hell she and Ron stirred up in everyone's life in August, last summer. And that guilt - not me - is what caused Ron to put his house up for sale; and I'm not going to feel sorry for him. Again, said in a calm tone.

She slams her back against her chair and, crosses one fat thigh over another and with a sour-lemon-sucking-face, says, "And everyone in the Park is complaining about you, because you leave your blinds open and they feel spied on."

Well, I know what she is attempting to do; so, I sidestep the crap she just threw at me:

And confidently reactivated my Badassery Premium Gold Card.
I said, "Well, it is my right to have my blinds up in my home, and it's not on me how people feel about it." I mean, IF people are doing illegal acts in the Park that they know are against Park Rules, why should I pull my blinds so they can feel comfortable getting away with it?
But that is what Candy wants people to do so she doesn't have to do her job: she actually told me a few months ago when I called her about Ron cutting across my front yard, "Well, Val, pull your blinds, then you won't see him cutting across your yard." SERIOUSLY?? IGNORE IT AND PRETEND IT DIDN'T JUST HAPPEN? In other words, what she was saying was, 'I don't want to deal with this Val - let Ron do whatever the hell he wants to do when he wants to do it, but don't bother me about Park Rule things'. She wants the freebies that come with being Park Manager (recognition, free housing, throwing her considerable weight around ...yada, yada) ... just not the actual J.O.B. of being Park Manager.
So; I reach for my phone and start recording her. And the first thing she says, is "Go ahead and call my boss ..."

Apparently, I am not the only one that has issues with Candy; and she knows it. I mean, if her first response when she sees my phone is that I intend to call her Boss instead of possibly record her (which is what I would be thinking if I had seriously pissed someone off by attempted blackmail tactics, and they hauled their phone out ...)
After I put my Badassery Premium Gold Card away and left her and her lies behind in the Park Office, I canvassed the entire Park of 813 homes; talking to people (I doubt Candy even understood that by attempting to blackmail me, she actually lit a fire under me hotter than a solar flare sunspot on the sun) - talking especially to those that walk past our home every day - asking them right out if they have a problem with my blinds being up 24/7/365.
NO ONE HAD A SINGLE COMPLAINT about the blinds being up ... or even about me in particular.
And I canvassed the ENTIRE Park ...

My immediate neighbors, specifically, are shocked that she said they were complaining about me:

But I did hear that they think I mind my own business (a plus in my favor); that I am helpful and easy to talk with/to (another dividend in my corner); that though my blinds are up, my head is not; and doesn't everyone know that when it is dark outside and the lights are on inside, people outside can see IN, but people inside CANNOT see out? (no, they do not feel spied on by me: thank you all for shooting Candy's complaint full of holes); and that next time they walk by our house, they will stop and wave their arms to get my attention, then they will smile and wave at me (bonus!) Oh, and they like our garden too (I LOVE YOU BABE; thank you for building me those planter boxes **kiss/kiss**) :-D
I KNOW what Candy had intended with her blackmailing bitchiness today. But she obviously does not know that I am a premium shareholder in the Badassry Club, and she eff'd with the wrong person. She assumed that because I was calm, I was calm ... she missed what people who know me, KNOW: when I am calm, be afraid - be VERY afraid because you are going to be taken d.o.w.n.: fairly - but firmly.
Thanks to Candy's refusal to do her job; and to BOLDLY STATE WHILE BEING RECORDED that she was refusing to do her job; and her failed attempt to blackmail me into a back-down, I made a LOT of new friends today ;-)
Bet she never saw THAT coming ...
And I bet she won't recognize Karma either when it shows up to take her down: Candy has a problem with realities.
Reality is about to take a huge chunk out of her fat ass ... because it appeared to me that people are going over her head and she is afraid of losing her job.
PLEASE GOD! Candy losing her job would be the cherry on Ron's selling his house cake. Just sayin'.
Yeah … guess you could say I am a little peeved.
I also drafted a letter covering the morning’s shenanigans and handed it to her because she is a stickler for legalities – if it isn’t in writ, it isn’t legit (and according to Candy’s criminal mind), “never happened”:

May 28th, 2019

Candice Scott
Heron Pointe

I came to the Heron Pointe Office this morning to let you know that the Space Rent Payment had been sent out May 23rd, 2019 – and that if, again, you do not receive it on the 1st to please let me know and I will contact the Bank to find out why.

Then I showed you a picture commenting that Ron Cook had sprayed Round-Up on his property to kill weeds, and had actually trespassed onto our property and sprayed Round-Up 2” beyond the Boundary Marker on our side of the boundary line.

You copped an immediate attitude and told me that you are refusing to talk to Ron Cook because “he is moving in 2 weeks”, and the overspray was, to your way of thinking, a moot point.

You went further, and told me, “You (meaning me) are the only person at Heron Pointe demanding rules be followed.” I think that is a sad commentary on the community here at Heron Pointe. You followed that statement up with, “and people are complaining because your blinds are always up and they can see into your house and feel spied on because your blinds are always up.” I said that was not on me – I cannot be held responsible for other people’s feelings of paranoia. In 44 years, I have always had open windows and no one has ever complained. No one. The ONLY person I have ever heard complain about my blinds being open, is you, Candy. Ron is the other possibility, and I am thinking the real complainer.

This is not the first time you have said I need to close my blinds. A few months ago when Ron Cook cut across my front yard to get into his truck and enter his carport after exiting his truck; and I called you to ask him to please walk to his driveway and use that instead of cutting across my front yard coming and going, you said, “Well, Val. Pull your blinds, then you won’t see him cutting across your front yard.” #1 – Ron Cook is trespassing when he cuts across my property #2 – Ignoring a trespass by pretending it does not exit is still trespassing #3 – That the Manager of Heron Pointe would deliberately aid and abet blatant lawlessness is inexcusable. Again, Ron Cook, and his continual rebellion is the real issue.

But instead of dealing with real issues, you invent non-issues to evade the real issue.

I have the right to have my window blinds up in my own home.

I do not have to allow someone to blatantly flaunt their rebellion when they are doing it on my own property.

And I have the right to expect the Park Manager to do the job they were hired to do.

So, after leaving the Office today, I took your complaints to heart and canvassed the entire Park, telling people that I have had a complaint from management this morning about my open window blinds, and asking them – specifically my immediate neighbors, and those who walk past my home every day – if my open window blinds offend them; and do they ever feel like I am spying on them.

Most of them laughed outright and asked me if I was serious. I said, that yes the question is serious because Candy Scott was very serious when she made the accusation that people have been complaining to her because my window blinds are open and they feel I am spying on them.

EVERYONE ASSURED ME that my open window blinds are fine with them and that they have never felt spied on.

I talked to ALL my immediate neighbors, and several of the other park tenants as well (those that were home).

No one has a problem with me Candy.

Except you and Ron Cook.

I have spoken to you several times about Ron Cook and his trespasses. Today you were very upfront that you intend to allow his behavior to continue because it is no concern of yours – even though you are the Park Manager at Heron Pointe and tenant concerns are part of your job here at the Park.

I think it is a sad commentary on your character that you would threaten me with a bogus “neighbor’s complaints” blackmail attempt to try backing me down so you can continue to avoid dealing with Ron Cook’s behaviors.

You said Ron Cook will be here another 2 weeks … but the Round-Up he sprayed on my property will be here longer that that and you refused to acknowledge that he has damaged my property several inches over the borderline on my side of the line, with a toxin I did not authorize.

I don’t care if Ron Cook is leaving Heron Pointe in a nano second. It is still your responsibility to speak to him about this issue.


Judging by her clownish expressions of exasperation she felt was her 'professional face' when she was not screaming at me like a deranged chimp with crap in it's hand ready to throw, I doubt anything will be done about Ron’s infraction – but I can guarantee, given her behavior in the Office, that she will do all she can to raise more hell for me.

She made THAT abundantly clear.