I'll Meet You There ...

Saturday, March 23, 2019


Yesterday was a very busy day here - the house seemed to have revolving doors from noon until early evening. First off, I ran into town every 25 minutes from 9 a.m. until noon and grabbed bags of soil to get all the newer planter boxes filled to capacity: now I just have to order seed and plants to fill them with ...

Then around noon, Bob - the plumber for Cascade Plumbing and Construction called to say he and his crew was coming out to do the work he was hired to do 2 weeks ago:

As soon as they completed their jobs - was paid and drove off - Shane called to tell me he was dropping by to paint the patched ceilings ...

Shane will be coming back next week to do the LED canned lights' patchwork, and to give me an estimate on painting the exterior of the house; I am glad he is agreeable to do these things because getting up high on a ladder does not appeal to me at this stage in my life ... and I received a notice in the mail this morning that Space Rent is going up again - and Candy will be doing a walkabout around the houses in the Park the middle of April to check them all over and issuing notices out to who will need to maintain property better/repair things that need repairing/and paint exteriors that need painting. I already know our home will get a notation: the previous owners painted it well enough to sell it, but it was a slip-shod job and really needs to be done by a professional that will prep it correctly and use paint that will last 10 years or so before it starts showing signs of wear-and-tear. Shane is already painting another house here in the Park, so he agreed to do it if I am agreeable - I am. It will need to be done, and he is available; finding a house painter is not as easy as people think it will be because most painting companies only want contracts with businesses, hotel chains, ect., that bring in the big bucks and turn their noses up at private homeowners - been down that road before with our 2 previous homes.

I just want my house painted to hold up for at least 10 years, and I have the $$$$ now (this was a very GOOD income tax return) - I may not have it next year, and for sure I cannot do the job myself; so this seems like the time to get it done. I pretty much know Candy is going to insist I get it done even though Tessa's house next door is a slimy black mold mess and needs immediate attention and a paint job desperately, Candy has refused to tackle that issue as she has for the past 19 months: little hitler will focus on our home instead on her walkabout with clipboard in hand and sour scowl on her face; even though it really is okay for a few years yet. And I am willing to lay money down, that she will studiously avoid even looking - or walking around - Tessa's house.

I worked like a dog yesterday morning - lifting, hauling, and shoveling soil nonstop except to run back into town for more - the backs of my legs and shoulders/neck muscles are still burning this morning, my dogs (feet) are still barking, and my tail is still dragging. But it is the pain of accomplishment ;-)

I managed to face the task without tearing up or crying all day while I filled the remaining planter boxes my husband built for me last August before our lives were drastically altered and he stepped off this planet in December 2018. To be truthful, I was not sure I could actually use them because I miss my gentle giant so much; and seeing the boxes remind me of his sexy smile and thoughtful loving ways; and the veggies went into the meals I prepared for us all year long. So I was a little apprehensive tackling the chore. But as I went about completing the task before the rain began to fall in earnest, I swear I could sense Bob's presence at my elbow smiling and encouraging me :-) I still need to buy seed and plants.

This is the first time in 44 years I will be gardening without sharing its success with my husband ... or planning/charting my plantings without him in mind too.