I'll Meet You There ...

Sunday, September 8, 2019


It rained all day long today …

This video was shot INSIDE the house - and you can clearly hear the rain poundong the ground outside - these walls, though insulated and warm, are obviously pretty thin ...

But it’s been a very dry year here … even with the ever present & low-hanging gray clouds.

So, I am looking at this rainy day as a blessing in disguise ;-)

I finished another pair of slippers: and these are going out this week sometime, to my granddaughter, Alyna:

I designed, and worked these slippers up while watching the 1995 movie, “Jack & Sarah” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hLe0lm-5Tc– love that movie; such a positive ending to a tragic story line.
2Giant Sea Clam
FINISHED (https://jeastofeden.blogspot.com/2019/09/mod-slippers-designed-on-giant-sea-clam.html)! These sippers will get mailed off later this week ;-)

It’s 9:55 p.m., here – I’m starting to yawn, so I think I’ll call it a day, now; and head off to bed.

It's been a busy & prodcutive day.

I'm satisfied ;-)


Buffy Saint Marie - a Cree Indian songwriter & songstress wrote this song, but I like the way Roberta sings it ;-)

Bob & I were "worlds apart": Bob dabbled in the hippie lifestyle in his young adult life - and Gloria and Alex {think} they are {hippies} , but they are actually VERY materialistic and anything BUT peaceful.

BUT, I WAS RAISED a beatnik-hippie. THAT WAS MY LIFE.

My mother was a coffee-house beatnik. She later evolved into the hippie lifestyle.

My father was career military: the 2 met when my father, who was army buddies with her brother - my Uncle Joe, went home on leave with him ... to Pennsylvania.

But they were worlds apart; eventually they divorced in 1970; here in WA State - and my mother remarried that same year, to a Vietnam POW, who had recently been returned to America from his Vietnam prison camp. John and my mother had a LOT in common: they shared the hippie lifestyle, mindset, and theology.

Because I was raised a beatnik-hippie, that life lost its "appeal" to me looooooong ago.

So, though Bob & I were worlds apart - we were both ready to meld our worlds together to create our own universe.

I love this song – it SO explains “us”. Though I agreed to marry Bob … I made it clear that he could leave whenever he wanted to: he never wanted to. I wanted a marriage built on L.O.V.E. Every day, for 44 years, Bob stoked that love into flames when embers smoldered. I was always a free spirit – Bob held me to him with love. Always love.

Bob was the Sun, around which I happily revolved in the life we forged.

Though he is no longer here - the warmth he generated with his unconditional love - still lightens my life.

I love you, Babe.




I remember the Autumn day in 1973 when I was walking down the main street in Cathlamet one afternoon.

Minding my own business, lost in my head - not thinking of anything ... just walking.

And this tall guy came storming out of Marie's Restaurant.

The door flew open; I side-stepped it - briefly glancing up at the person who had barreled out of it.

The face was angry.

But, it was 'THE FACE'!

And he was storming down the street.

Past me again; WITHOUT SEEING ME.


I was shocked as I watched 'the face' storm down the street, on long legs that ate up the sidewalk with long strides.

Shocked, because I hadn't expected to ever again see 'the face'.

And before the door could even close back in on itself - it slammed open again: and an equally angry-faced woman came storming out of the restaurant too; dragging a toddler with her.

When I finally snapped out of my trance (stunned, actually, at seeing "the face" again), and caught the flung open door in my hand, before it hit the side of my head ... I snapped, "Watch where the hell you are going, lady!"

She ignored me ... and walked briskly in the opposite direction: without even looking at me, or acknowledging my comment.

And ... my attention had been caught by her exit long enough to lose track of 'the face's quick moving direction.

All I knew was that he HAD BEEN MOVING towards 'Bob's' Grocery ... so, I ran in that direction.




'The face' had become - once more - "a face in the crowd": BUT WHERE?

Where had he disappeared to so quickly?

This is what Main Street, Cathlamet looked like in the 1970’s, when we met and started our life together there. It took about 5 seconds to exit main Street, and about 5 minutes TO WALK THE ENTIRE TOWN (https://jeastofeden.blogspot.com/2019/07/sunday-funday.html).

Damn it!

That stupid woman ...!

'The face' would reappear in my life, 7 months later.

And, when Bob & I met & talked in April 1974, I would find out that {that stupid woman} was 'the face's soon-to-be-ex/wife: and that stormy encounter at the restaurant, was the beginning of their final separation.

And "the face in the crowd" would become a permanent fixture in my life for the next 44 years ;-)

I love you, Babe.





When I married Bob, August 27th, 1974, I only stood 5 feet tall – I was short enough that when it rained, Bob could pull me close against him, and tuck my head under his arm to keep my head dry. LOL

I LIKED Bob feeling all masculine and protective towards meso, I never told him I liked walking in the rain: and I never protected my head from the raindrops when he wasn’t around ;-)