I'll Meet You There ...

Thursday, March 7, 2019


It is very troubling to me that the American Congress, Senate, and Supreme Court seats are filled with religiously pious anti-Israel showmen and political puppets/puppeteers. The evil demoncrat party is 100% staffed with anti-Christ, anti-American, and anti-Israel racist terrorists that have literally gone to the dogs racing at break-neck-speed on the shady and slippery highway to hell ever since muslim barak hussain obama’s tyrannous political/religious coup in 2000.

It is a National shame and a societal moral disgrace that a great deal of double-talking Americans claiming to speak as Christians, while actually not having any relationship at all with Elohei, or any clear understanding at all of Scripture – or what it means to BE a Christian, have been so hoodwinked and self-hypnotized that they continue to place these wicked morons in seats of governmental power.

As I have stated numerous times before, one cannot be a Christian and be a politician … it is like mixing oil and water: it does not blend and always results in a slimy mess.

It is also glaringly obvious that many people claiming to be Christians do NOT KNOW their Bible! So let today’s study be a refresher course, and maybe – just maybe an eye-opener also to prod them back onto the straight and narrow.


I am telling the truth in Christ, and am not lying. In this my conscience bears me witness in The Ruach. I have great sorrow and the pain in my heart is unceasing. Indeed, I could even wish that I myself might be sentenced to separation from Mashiach if that would help my brethren, my own blood relatives. They are Israelites, Elohei’s Chosen People. Elohim gave them the glory, the covenants, The Law, the Temple service, and the promises. The patriarchs are of their race, and even Mashiach – according to the flesh – and He is God over all, blessed be forever. Amen.

It is not, however, that the Word of God has failed. Not all the descendants of Israel are true Israelites. And not all the descendants of Abraham are considered the children of Abraham, for the promise was, “Through Isaac shall your posterity be called.” This means that not those who are natural descendants are thereby counted as Elohim’s children, but only the children of the promise are counted. Such a promise was the word, “About this time I will come, and Sarah shall have a son” (Genesis 17:18-21).

And again, a promise came to Rebecca when she was to have twins by our father Isaac. The children were not yet born and they had as yet not done anything either good or bad. And yet Elohim had made an election and wanted His purpose to stand. It was not based on their works, but on His own choice. He said to her, “The elder shall serve the younger.” Scripture also put it this way, “I loved Jacob, but I rejected Esau” (Malachi 1:2).

Now, what shall we conclude? That Elohim is unjust? That cannot be! For He said to Moshe, “I will have mercy on anyone I choose to show mercy, and I will take pity on anyone I want to pity.” Elohim’s mercy, then, is not on account of man’s will or his readiness, but is a matter of Elohim’s choice. Just so, Scripture tells that he spoke to Pharaoh, “I have raised you to high position for the reason that I want to show My power in dealing with you, so that My Name may be made known throughout the world.” So He shows mercy to whomever He chooses, and He hardens the heart of anyone He chooses.

And now you ask, ‘Why does He still find fault?’ Who of us, by resisting, can change His purpose? But, sir, who are you to find fault with Elohim? Shall that which is made say to its maker, ‘Why did you make me so?’ Certainly the potter has the right to make 2 different objects out of the same lump of clay, the 1 for distinguished service and the other for menial use. At times, Elohim is willing to show His wrath and make His power known, yet He endures long and patiently with the objects of wrath who are fit for destruction. He does this in order to make clear to those who are the objects of His mercy, how rich is the glory that he has already prepared for them. Yes, even we are objects of His mercy, Jews and Gentiles alike, as many as He has called.

In Hosea He says, “I will call them ‘My People’ who are not My people, and she who was not loved will be called ‘Beloved’! And in the place where it was said, ‘You are not My People’, they will be called ‘Sons of the living God’” (Hosea 1:10 & 2:23). Isaiah cries out about Israel, “Though the number of Israel is as the sand of the sea, yet only a remnant will be saved. For the Lord will carry out His orders on the earth, concluding each matter with justice and efficiency” (Isaiah 10:22, 23). Isaiah had also said earlier, “If the Lord of Hosts had not left us offspring we would have become like Sodom; we would have fared like Gomorrah” (Isaiah 1:9).

What shall we conclude? That the Gentiles, though not seeking justification, obtained justification; that is, they attained justification by faith. But Israel, on the other hand, though seeking justification through The Law, did not obtain justification. Why not? Because they tried to obtain it by the works of The Law and not by faith. They stumbled over the stone of stumbling. This is foretold in Scripture, “See! I pace in Zion a stone of stumbling, a rock of offense. But everyone who believe on Him shall not be put to shame” (Psalm 118:22 & Isaiah 8:14).