I'll Meet You There ...

Friday, February 1, 2019


Tonight I saw this brilliantly gorgeous sunset as I was moving our car back a bit in the carport to make room for a visiting friend’s vehicle. And I was momentarily awed by the beautiful colors … so I quickly ran into the house and got my husband’s phone – actually my phone now that he is no longer here on planet Earth … to capture the beauty of the moment before it was gone. The fading sunlit brilliance of the colorful sunset was like a kiss from Heaven, and it soothed my hurting soul:

2 hours later following the visit, I finally got to the mail collected earlier in the day before phone calls tied me up all afternoon. Sorting through the mail and seeing yet another OHSU envelope nearly had me hyperventilating; not only does it bring up those last bittersweet weeks with my husband there, but every overdue notice works at continual and steady fraying of my overtaxed nerves. I have no $$$$$ to pay them with: I will have no money at all until sometime in March when the Social Security Administration decides what paltry amount of my husband’s slashed previous claim I will be able to receive. Whatever it is, it will not be enough to cover the medical bills: not even a little bit. Trepidaciously I slit the envelope with a paring knife and pulled the paper out – and whooped loud enough to compete with the vociferous honking of the squawking geese flying over the house. Reading the letter, I felt a tremendous weight life off my shoulders – the words were beautiful to my eyes. I felt at that moment joyful and peaceful for the 1st time in weeks …

My mind eased and my spirit revived, I made a cup of Jasmine tea and finished up the loose ends of the baby swaddling blanket I had designed 8 days ago, and finished working up last night around midnight – the colors came together beautifully. This colorful baby blanket is another donation items for the local hospital.

MOD Stained Glass Striped Baby Swaddling Blanket

It is good to view the world through a colorful lens again.