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Thursday, October 5, 2017

3 Week House Review

Finally bringing our home together after 4 months – we moved in June 30th, but due to house repairs, unforeseen circumstances, and crazy freak house incidents … we haven’t been able to start making our home {o.u.r.h.o.m.e.} until this morning. It feels good! And the house is starting to look good too ;-)

Two weeks ago the roof was finally put on, thank God: just in the nic of time. We are not into our monsoon season yet, but we have had a couple of rainy days; I’m just glad it finally got done before I had to morph into Katharina; LOL! As soon as the roof was finished and the men left, I got busy repotting my Geraniums – I had 2 very large/1 medium pots hanging from the front porch overhang, but they were really too high for me to reach comfortably and were getting uncomfortably heavy to lift and turn every few weeks to keep them bushily balanced … so I upended them, repotted them into smaller terra cotta pots (to be put in big bins and stored under the porch, protected from the frost and snow during the Winter months), and used the large pots to replant the divided chrysanthemums into: I bought 3 double planted chrysanthemum plants at Wal*Mart and divided them, placing a half of each plant (a yellow, purple & white) in each pot; they add a splash of color to the curbside flowerbed area:

Chrysanthemum Pot ... 3 in one. Cut in half and repotted. These are perennial plants here, so they will need a bigger container next year.
Repotted Geraniums - taken out of big pots and put into smaller terra cotta pots.
Geranium overflow ... I LIKE Geraniums as you can see, and they will re-bloom and proliferate every Spring if left to dry and stored properly every Fall.

Last week the kitchen was finished and appliances put in place, except for the refrigerator … which was put in 2 days ago: just glad it is D.O.N.E! Actually the fellas really did a phenomenal job and; the kitchen looks fantastic; I was just chomping at the bit because I want to L.I.V.E.I.N. the house we bought in June and feel like it is really our home instead of a construction site, and I admit I was starting to get testy. There are boxes that have not even been unpacked yet: now they can be ;-) And we are no longer {spring chickens} – every day lost will forever stay lost at our age; there’s no recouping lost time when you are 61 and 68 – you do not get a ‘chance to redo’ anything. But, now the kitchen re-model is done-done and we can all go forward with our lives …

MOD Fall Ivy basket.
Scarecrow Rug at Front Door.

I did lose my cool last night though – I did not chew anybody out, and Hubs was not my surrogate focus of anger, but I did reach the end of my rope and decided to stop waiting and start acting as far as the in-house thermostat was concerned: I had made up my mind to call an electrician and have him put the darned thing in … NO MATTER WHAT IT COST. Seriously. For such ‘a small thing’, it had every single person on the job (the thermostat was included in the house revamp contract and we were assured that it would be in when the job was done) running from it as fast as they could, passing it on to someone else, and making the cross sign like it was an evil annoyance. Yesterday morning when we were assured that ‘it would be done before the end of the day’, and we waited all day for it to be put in yesterday and it wasn’t – well – let’s just say that was the ‘end of the road’ as far as I was concerned. Hubs is a little more forgiving than I am, but I do not suffer being lied to very well. I let it be known that I was upset: rightfully and righteously so. I did it calmly, but I was very clear – and I slept like a baby.

I do not apologize because the whole runaround was ridiculous.

And the darned thing was finally put in and set up this morning, which is good because the mornings are getting cooler:

THERMOSTAT IN – ((((YAY!!!!))))

After that was taken care of, I started decorating; I don’t do a lot of decorating because because Hubs has never liked this particular month … or the activities that go along with it, but I do like a splash of Fall color in the house. I keep every décor detail neutrally FALL THEMED such as colorful leaves, scarecrows (because I am a farmer at heart and scarecrows are a farmer’s friend), pumpkins (2 months of décor for the price of 1 on this item; LOL), bats, corn cobs (these are in one of the unpacked boxes and will probably not get used this year), Fall flowers, ect. Basically anything having to do with Harvest. This year the decorating is slim because everything has been hectic around here. But these things I did manage to get up …

Kitchen Scarecrow.
MOD Fall Cornucopia – kitchen
MOD Very low-key Fall mantle decor.
Back door rug.
MOD re-worked back door Fall Wreath.

In the midst of working on the door wreath, the new washer and dryer arrived as well as the Satellite TV technician: it’s been a BUSY DAY here today, but I am not complaining; I am rejoicing. Most of this house had to be rebuilt and reworked and the fellas actually DID get everything done pretty quick, even with the complications and rising tensions incurred: for all intents and purposes our home is now a NEW HOUSE, and from today forward, we can really rest and be at peace knowing our Winter hibernation period will be calm and relaxing:

Last week the old washer and dryer started going off skid ... so we bought new ones  - the new ones arrived today.

I was reading my easy-read Jesus People Bible this morning and noticed that it is getting rather ragged. I am sorry to see that. This Bible has seen a LOT of usage, and it is pretty old; I got it when I was 14 years old, at the Rose Festival Parade in Oregon – a group of Jesus People hippies were walking among the people and handing them out. I really enjoy reading it because it is written in plain everyday talk and very handy to use when witnessing to people who have not been raised in church – and/or are not familiar with the King James Bible or Biblical understanding; this Jesus People Bible of mine is easy to read and easy to understand because the wording is easy even though it is comparable to the King James Bible in every other way …

Oh No!! My Jesus People Bible is falling apart at the seams after 47 years ...

Well, that’s all there is to share tonight.

I’m going to put my laptop away now and work on some projects I found over on Annemarie's Haakblog’s Blog; my little grandson would enjoy these ;-)