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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Logan Paul Controversy

First, let me state that I do not know this person.

I have never listened to his vlog videos; I have never seen him in TV. I have absolutely NO idea who the heck he is.

But I did see his name pop up in an internet article title while scrolling through ToyLabTV videos online … and given the title, my curiosity was aroused.

What a disappointment after all the sensationalized media hysteria about the LP controversy.

Secondly, so he videotaped and posted a suicide: what’s the big deal and the media hysteria all about???? There are uncountable suicides EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY and PEOPLE SEE THE DEAD BODIES people!

Police see them.

The ‘real victims’ (aka: those left behind by this selfish act on self, about self) see them: as in mothers, fathers, parents, spouses, children, aunts, uncles, grandparents, girlfriends, boyfriends, friends, pastors, paramedics, doctors, nurses, parole officers, social workers, co-workers … ect.; the list is endless concerning WHO SEES THEM.

School children arriving at school early mornings see them when they take place on school grounds – as has happened here locally twice. With the up-rise in early-prison-release-programs and the shuffling of homeless population from city to suburban areas, more and more people will see them.

Joggers and loggers see them when they come across them as they go about their daily activities.

That said, the video being denounced and shamed concerns A PUBLIC SUICIDE FOREST in Japan, where suicide apparently is a common-place happening.

My question is: WHY ALL THE PUBLIC HYSTERIA concerning a public happening?

Why is an apology demanded?

What is the real deal here?

Thirdly, people who commit public suicide do it for notoriety. They want to have their deaths recorded, argued, and talked about forever! THAT IS WHY they do it. Yes, it is a mental illness: a mental illness called narcissism – the religion of self.

Suicidal people WANT their deaths to be seen … that is the whole purpose of a public suicide. That is the REASON FOR SUICIDAL ACT in the first place.

Fourthly, if anyone should be apologizing to anyone, it should be the suicidal people who force their selfish acts on the public out of a misguided and selfish act generated to get the attention they felt was lacking while they were alive – as well as those who create designated places to commit self-murder. WHAT kind of lunacy thinks that is acceptable behavior?

I do not feel sorry for suicidal people.

And I do not feel that their families need to be apologized to for their child’s/spouses selfish behavior that led them to the final outcome.

Fifthly, I agree that the world has gone insane and become self-absorbed. But not the way the media portrays insanity or self-absorption. The world, in MHO, has gone insane in that they expect rational people to celebrate the behaviors of the mental ill – such as homosexuals and suicidal WHILE they demand apologies when the behavior is acknowledged. THAT is insane.

And THAT insane double-minded-mindset is exactly what is behind mental illness.

Which explains why the world has officially gone insane.

Logan Paul is not the problem: society bent to a twisted and perverse bent is the problem; and until that is rectified insane behaviors will continue to draw crowds … which is exactly what the insane WANT. So why the hypocritical outcry concerning a person (or persons, as is the case here) who wanted notoriety concerning their selfish and murderous act?

The very fact that this ‘suicide forest’ is plainly VISIBLE to anyone with eyes, denounces the media outcry as purely hypocritical.

No media outcries for apologies demanded should be given – THAT just gives more credence to THE really unconscionable act, which is suicide … and to a designated place to commit that heinous act.

No one has the right to murder themselves – no one. They did not create themselves, and they did not live for themselves; regardless of what they thought … or obviously did NOT think. Suicide deserves NO PITY at all. It is a purely selfish act done by a purely selfish person.