I'll Meet You There ...

Sunday, January 13, 2019


Death comes for everyone. And it always comes unexpectantly.

When your ticket number is called you cannot escape the trip.

Whether it be a natural death, or a foretold Rapture experience, people will die to the life they now know.

So be prepared.

If you are not yet saved … GET SAVED.

If you are saved and flirting with devilishness … STOP IT; turn or burn.

If you are a gnostic and proud of it … GET WISE: open the Bible and start gaining real knowledge.

While it is important to eat healthy and get enough sleep – be smart about it: salvation does not lie in foods or the proverbial 8 hours of ‘required’ sleep.

Hydration is good … but be sure to refresh your spirit and replenish your life with THE LIVING WATER (aka, Yeshua Ha’Mashiach)

Life can only be found in Yeshua. THAT knowledge is priceless wisdom that is real protection and a sure life guarantee. Take the necessary steps to make sure that when your life here on earth comes to a screeching halt, that halt is not the end of your life, but just the beginning of real living :-D


When my husband died the 2nd time in 1981, he was returned to me (resurrected) by Elohim ... but he could only communicate with hand signals in short spurts ... he could not talk at all for 5 months; and even that was spotty. He would be talking and then it was like someone pulled his plug: he would just stop and restart again 30 minutes later. Frustrating for him and everyone else if they were not closely paying attention to what he was saying because he would pick up the thread of communication exactly where he left off. Over time, his thought process and speech was returned 100% and he was never silent again. LOL

Paul Wilbur's early music with his band back then, Israel's Hope, ministered to him during those frustrating days. Bob's family are Baptists. I am a Messianic Believer, following the early Church Way - a Messianic Believer, which blends Jew and Gentile Believers in the Faith of Yeshua Ha'Mashiach: our Messiah. My husband joined me in the Messianic walk of faith in Yeshua.

My husband was saved in 1981. Literally “saved from hell”, as he would tell everyone for decades following his 2nd death experience. He was dead for 25 minutes and literally resurrected from the dead on the gurney headed for the morgue. His words when he came back to life was, "Wow! I think God means business this time!" And he turned his life around and started following Yeshua from that day until he was taken home December 14th, 2018.

There is no doubt where he is enjoying life now. Eternal life.

And, while left here behind for a short while, I am going to do everything I know ... and can do ... to dot my i's and cross my t's so that I, too, can live life eternal with my Lord and my husband in that beautiful celestial city beyond the clouds; where the streets are gold, and tears do not stain them.


My husband's family, when we were dating 44 years ago, did not hug.


For any reason.

My family was very touchy-feely ... still are. We hugged.

A lot.

Everyone. For no particular reason.

I hugged my beloved.


We, together, taught his family members how to enjoy hugging.

Now they hug; me, included.

I am glad they learned that hugging is a universal language of caring; and of sharing.

I am glad my husband left this world with a lot of hugging going on.


Okay ... there are a couple misrepresentations in the Daily Wire article:

1 - mecca is NOT 'God's house'; mecca is a satanic dwelling for demonic behavior

2 - locusts are, and HAVE ALWAYS BEEN, a DIVINE JUDGEMENT on wicked people doing wicked things

3 - locusts (aka overgrown and vicious grasshoppers) BITE. Anyone who has ever had a run in with an aggressive grasshopper knows that they bite, spit, kick, and get into places you wouldn't imagine otherwise. Anytime the skin is pierced there is risk of infection setting in, which would lead to serious illness. Just sayin ...

4 - muslims will try to spin their way out of this mess, but it's clear what is happening and WHY it is happening to everyone who still has thinking capabilities that have not been hot-wired by the political correctness social police

5 - I understand that people do not want to hear that muslims are held in demonic sway with satanic swagger; and people do not want to acknowledge that wickedness exists; or that wicked people do wicked things. However, facts are facts and the fact is that what is happening has been foretold eons ago by the ancients concerning modern days.

Call me a crackpot-Jesus-Freak if you want to, but mocking laughter and belittling chatter won't change facts.

The UNholy muslim shrine to Lucifer was built on the Hebrew (Jewish) Temple site in Elohei's City known as the HEBREW "City of David" - in other words, Jerusalem. Jerusalem has always been KNOWN AS A JEWISH HOLY SITE as the Hebrew Temple was built there BY HEBREWS and Hebrew worshippers practiced their holy religious traditions there. Yeshua - THE HEBREW MESSIAH, Himself, was circumcised/worshipped/taught/and walked along Solomon's Porch HIS ENTIRE LIFE. Yeshua embodies all that is Hebrew. And someday Yeshua will come back to claim Jerusalem as His place of Kingdom Government.

muslims may think they have outcouped and outstaged Elohei and His People ... but Lucifer already tried that ... and LOST BIG TIME. So will the muslims.

A 3rd Hebrew temple will be built.

And there will not be any descending locusts on that "house of God", nor will His People be covered in biting or spitting locusts.