I'll Meet You There ...

Wednesday, August 7, 2019



Doug & Bob were the only guys I ever dated with short hair ... most of the guys I dated had hair long enough to sit on. Seriously.

I mention Doug, because Doug was the reason Bob and I met.

When we were dating, Bob's hair was not long - but it wasn't short either ;-)

And he grew it longer over the next 18 months - it got pretty long: and hot and heavy; Bob's hair was very thick.

He finally said, "Val, I can't stand it anymore - it has got to go." He cut it back, just before we headed out of Dodge on our Coors California Run. LOL!

1976. We were remodeling the house and made a Coors Beer run to California because it was not sold anywhere else except to Bars & Liquor Stores (we lived in Washington State) - if we wanted it, we had to go fetch it: we wanted it, so we went to fetch it. As soon as we pulled into our driveway, a block party took on a life of it's own; EVERYONE came. We had just gotten home, so we weren't spiffed up - you can tell that we had been on the road. LOL

Secretly, I WAS GLAD he finally cut it: long hair was dangerous in the woods. Guys who don't work can afford to live riskily: Bob couldn't. And I wanted him around a looong time - I wisely kept my mouth shut when he said he wanted to cut his hair.

And I thanked Elohim. Profusely.
The wedding ring, worn on his finger in the woods, was risk enough ...

This song always reminds me of those 18 months he tried to be the man he thought I wanted.


It wasn't the hair that attracted me.

It was those Asian eyes - that pulled me in.

That slow, sexy smile - that made my knees buckle when he turned up the wattage.

That body - that I couldn't keep my hands off of!

The skin that glistened like sun-kissed liquid gold when he’d spent all day in the sun.

It was his heart - that pumped just for me :-D

It was his mind - that constantly thought of new ways to surprise & please me.

It was his soul - that I always knew was pure, true, and Godly ... even before he knew it himself.


It was the essence of him.

His hair had very little to do with why I loved him ;-)

On another note about haircuts …

I picked up 2 half-priced coleus plants at Lowe’s this afternoon when I was downtown:

$5-EA ... but the real bargain was the hangers on the pots. LOL

After I got them home, I gave them a ‘haircut’, in hopes of reviving them and getting a few more weeks of life out of them; and hung them off the front porch railing, where they will get the sunshine they require:

Trimmed back foliage. Hopefully they will survive and thrive.

I relocated the hanging Orange Begonias (which used to hang off one of the railing hooks the coleus’ now hang from) to a better location for them – out of the blazing afternoon sunshine – after I noticed their leaves were getting burned …

Relocated Begonias.