Friday, August 9, 2019


The day started out feeling like a Fall day – cold, damp, and a low-lying-gray-clouded sky.

So, I decided to brighten the day up by drying colorful vegetables I had gleaned the other day:

Dehydrating veggies.

I had enough vegetables on hand to load every tray in the dryer ….

Green & Yellow Zucchini set to dry.
Yellow Zucchini & Red Onions.
Red Onions & Yellow Onions.

… and there is more in the ‘fridge to do the same tomorrow; different vegetables, but just a brightly hued ;-)

Today’s dehydration only took about 6 hours to complete:

The book says 5 to 10 hrs. drying time; it was done in 6 ;-)
Dried Onion's & Zucchini.
Dried veggies stored/labeled in jars: more will be added to fill the jars.

While the vegetables were dehydrating, I also de-iced the upright freezer: it collects water on the lower level and holds the pull-out basket hostage, so every once in awhile, I have to grab a butter knife, and work at “freeing it”. Today there was a more solid ice build-up than usual, and it had me a little concerned – but it eventually broke free. I think I’ll have to be more diligent in checking the situation.

I also outlined and cut out another 100 ct. Bazaar items tags; I’ll start re-tagging & re-stacking the remaining items in Cache Bin 1 tomorrow. My hands ached this afternoon, so I decided to give them a rest: hopefully they will feel better tomorrow. I need something to keep my mind off the building family hostility with Bob’s mother & sisters; and re-tagging Bazaar items “just in case” I decide to do the Bazaar Circuit this Fall/Winter will help with that, I think: it will keep me occupied for a few hours and will redirect my thoughts.

I am SO stressed right now with all the family drama Alex, and Bob’s mother and sisters, create; that I am seriously considering calling off the family gathering at the Cemetery in Eden Valley the end of this month, and just going there alone to lay Bob’s cremains among family members there.

And, right now, I don’t give a rat’s ass if the family gets pissed or not. I AM PISSED. I really don’t want to deal with any of them at this point … this whole thing is hard enough without their continual disrespectful interference and hidden landmines.

His family is really working my nerves.

And I am thinking that after August 30th, I will never hear from any of them again.

I need to make other arrangements for check-up phone calls: Tiffany hasn’t really been calling to make sure I am okay (as agreed) – neither have the kids (as agreed): I mean, it's only A 5 MINUTE "how're you doing?" call! I could be seriously injured in a fall; or just die (I am at ‘that age’), and NO ONE would know about it … or care, because the Wednesday night calls aren’t happening. 

How’s that for the {"The family is here for you - we love you"} they all profess?

I never asked anyone for more than they could give - surely 5 minutes is not asking too much from my kids, or from Bob's siblings.

If I am phased out of the family, Bonnie won’t make sure my cremains join Bob’s in Eden Valley when that day arrives! I have to go back to Steele’s Chapel Funeral Home, and make sure they have it on their file that THEY are to TRANSPORT my cremains to Eden Valley Cemetery when it’s time to do that.

And, I suppose, I will have to remove Tiffany, Merry, and Alex from my ‘Emergency Contacts’; if I am phased out, THEY FOR SURE won’t want to be notified in any emergency I might have. Alex removed himself from my life July 4th … and I am pretty sure the rest will follow after August 30th. They don’t have anything to do with me NOW, unless I contact them first – and then it is awkward for everyone.

They don’t know what to do with me.

I am the frustrating jigsaw puzzle piece that no one wants to deal with.

So, while I ate one of my homemade pizzas for Supper, I pulled up some filed videos of the last overnight road-trip Bob and I did together last June, and listened to Bob’s voice – his voice always did relax and soothe me.

Hearing his voice again brightened up my dreary day :-D

I love you, Babe.



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