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Friday, April 5, 2019


Busy, busy, busy!
That is what today has been from start to finish.

First off, I noticed a lot of activity around the bird feeder:

Ring-necked Turtle Dove
Bracing itself against the rain & harsh river winds. Kinda cute just sitting there.
Red-winged Blackbird
I haven’t figured this little redheaded fella out yet ... can’t find it in my bird identification books. It has orange spots on its upper shoulders above its wings - they show in the following picture.
A brilliant yellow American Goldfinch joined it. Bob would have got a kick out of seeing the yellow one. And he would have helped me research the other until we found out what it is ...
I also gave my froggy birdbath a much needed deep cleaning.

Then around noon I visited my SIL Merry for about an hour to brainstorm some ideas for Bob’s Celebration of Life gathering August 30th; it will be very informal, but still familial considerations have to be taken into account – some people have food allergies, so we have to plan for that. Bob’s mother is 89 years old this year, plans have to be in place for any age related complications that may arise. Who to notify … she knew relatives I hadn’t even met that may want to attend, so plans have to be made to contact/accommodate them. Food. Travel considerations. Reserving Rosburg Hall – family gathering place for generations. Contacting cemetery caretakers to prepare the area, having someone on hand to place the urn: the hole needs to be 4 feet deep – I am 5’2” with a short arm reach: someone other than me needs to place the urn. Though we are Christians, we are not religious people, so there will no minister giving a sermon – instead I will be asking those who wish to do so, to share a Scripture as well as a personal memory of Bob; and for those who are pagans or on the fence about where they stand spiritually, they can just share a special memory. But the gathering is about Bob, and Bob WAS a Christian and now resides in Heaven – THAT will be the theme, and if people are going to be offended, they don’t have to attend the gathering. LOTS of things to bat around this morning. This will be my 1st funeral thingee, I am seriously out of my depth on this situation. All my life I have avoided funerals … but I can’t dodge this one. I, more than anyone else, needs to be in Eden Valley when Bob’s cremains are permanently laid to rest among his relatives. Eden Valley Cemetery is a private cemetery and only family members are there. I will call/text everyone next month so they can plan and rework their work schedules if they plan to attend the gathering.

Back home again, I picked up the mail and was delighted to see that my Territorial Company order had arrived. I was excited!

Super excited!

And a bit disappointed too – I hope I can find the fingerling spuds elsewhere and get an order in; I'll have to start the sage from seed - I think I can get a packet downtown …

As anticipated, the various transplants will arrive when it is safe to put them in the garden; maybe next year I will try starting them from seed:

Seeing that box full of gardening goodies fired my jets, and I started preparing for planting …

Making heat collars for my pepper plants yet to arrive – they are made out of plastic jug bottoms. I slit the bottoms and pulled them back/sharp edges crimped upwards with pliers.

The pepper plant stems can fit through the opening and hopefully the sharp edges will keep the slugs from chewing on them, as well as let some of the excess heat build-up escape. That is the plan anyway … we’ll see.
Making paper planting pots from newspaper strips.
Rolling them up ...
Pushing bottom edges together ...
Pressing the bottom edges firmly together with the Pot Maker Press ...
Cute little paper planting pot :-D I made 68 of them.
Preparing my seeding areas; kitchen Skylight area
Livingroom window areas

And tonight, after my busy, busy day, I am taking a much needed 3 day Sabbath Rest starting with enjoying a small goblet of Blackberry wine in a Sabbath goblet our daughter bought for us 24 years ago:

L’Chiam! “to life” :-D LOVE YOU Babe!

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