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Sunday, March 12, 2017

This Past Week in Review

This past week has been a busy one, here in our own little slice of paradise east of Eden, likewise in our State, and globally.

I have been working practically non-stop on a Care Box, and have completed 20 of the 21 requested items … but being the night owl that I am, I will have the last item finished before dawn ;-) Then I will give my poor aching hands a much deserved break for a week or so.

hawaii became the 1st state to start legal procedures against President Trump concerning the LEGAL Travel ban … even though hawaii representatives have hired (((A TERRORIST LAWYER!))) on Friday, hawaii will have a difficult time going nose to nose with President Trump and coming out a winner on this issue – but ridiculous pious morons intent on making fools of themselves always rush in where angels fear to tread. That goes for my State – WA – as well: I am unashamedly ASHAMED of my State leadership and pray that they ALL GET FIRED when it comes time to vote them out of office. The People have spoken, and the state heads are rebelling and posturing for candidacy themselves … time to SHUT THEM DOWN and KICK THEM TO THE CURB like the rabid snarling curs they are:

On the global scene, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu met with Russia’s top man, Vlad Putin:

And Nikki Haley, America’s voice to the arab owned and staffed u.n. made it very clear that American Representation to the u.n. will NOT remain silent as snaky muslim barak hussain obama did when it comes to arab terrorist thugs strong-arming Israel through u.n. interference's; she also stressed the point that the phoney-baloney {palestinians} will NOT be “helped” by the u.n. anymore in their single-minded attempt to destroy Israel through u.n. interference's – I LIKE THIS GAL, she’s got spunk ;-)

And that makes this year a VERY HAPPY PURIM for us! Purim is a Hebrew “Celebration of Deliverance”.

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