It's A New Day

Tuesday, February 9, 2021


I glanced out my window the other day and noticed my tulips have broken soil 😊

So, I designed this new kitchen towel to pair with an older Easter Egg Dishcloth I made a while ago. I made the dishcloth on the fly one afternoon, so there is no pattern.

When designing my new kitchen towel pattern, I thumbed through one of my knitting patterns books, and added an insert border of a nice tulip designed pattern with a French origin. The original pattern is plain with an unusual textured effect … but I like color, so I used colored scrap yarn to highlight the tulip blossom effect – and used a duplicate stitch to highlight the ‘stems’ of the pattern 😊

Snow is in the forecast … but Spring is in my thoughts.

I think my towel turned out rather nice; and it looks good paired with the dishcloth ;-)

MOD Knit Denim & Tulip Cotton Dish Towel

Cotton yarn in 4 colors of choice (I used Denim, Ecru, & scraps of Hot Pink and Green)

# 10-1/2 knitting needles

#J/10 crochet hook

With Denim, CO 73 sts & P 1 row for hem.

Work 4 rows of stockinette stitch.

Drop denim, and attack ecru.

Tulip Pattern:

Row 1: Repeat the following procedure: *K 1 in back, K 2* across row.

Row 2: Repeat the following procedure: *P 2, P 1 in back* across row.

Row 3: Rpt the first row.

Row 4: Rpt the second row.

Row 5 (stems foundation row): Repeat the following procedure: *K 1 in back, P 1, K 1 in back* across row.

Row 6: Repeat the following procedure: *P 1 in back, K 1, P 1 in back* across row.

Row 7: Rpt the fifth row.

Row 8: Rpt the sixth row.

Row 9 (tulip blossoms foundation row): If you wish colored blossoms, attach pink yarn for the P sts, and keep to ecru for the K sts – carrying yarn in back as with all jacquard patterns. If you do not wish a colored pattern, just stick to the textured pattern plain. Repeat the following procedure: *P 2, K 1 in back* across row.

Yarns carried in back of work.

Row 10: Repeat the following procedure: *P 1 in back, K 2* across row.

Row 11: Rpt the ninth row.

Row 12: Rpt the tenth row.

Tulip Pattern using contrast colored yarn.

You should have 16 rows total from hem forward.

Duplicate stitch tulip 'stems'.

Drop ecru (or all yarns); and attach denim. Continue in st. st. until you have reached a total of 61 rows from the beginning of total work.

Work the towel topper decrease row as follows: P 2 – P 3 tog across row to last 2 sts: end P 2 sts: 27 sts on needle.

Change from knitting needles to crochet hook and work in sc as follows: dec 1 st EA end until 8 sts remain.

Sc for 13 rows.

Sl st x5; ch 6 and sl st in same sp; sl at to end. Turn.

Dc x12 in chain loop; EO.

Add a decorative trim edging to the button loop of your choice.

Sew button in place and weave in loose ends.


  1. It looks beautiful, thank you for joining us at Handmade Monday. It's such a joy to see the spring bulbs poking their heads up now isn't it?

    1. Thank you - yes, it is exciting to see Spring growth :-)

  2. Good evening, Valeria! Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your knitting tutorial to make this kitchen towel!! I tried to feature it last week but for some reason I couldn't pick up the photograph, so... I shared your "angel" from the sidebar instead (I was LAUGHING sooo hard!). :)

    Anyway, I hope you've had a wonderful weekend and week. We have another Share Your Style this evening.

    Barb :)

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the towel post ... and got a laugh out of my Guardian Angel's frustration - LOL.

      I hope your weekend will be all you want it to be, also ;-)