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Friday, April 26, 2019


I have literally been on my feet all day long, and my dogs are barking (aka: my feet hurt).

I woke up this morning to a high pitched chirping and realized that the battery on our home security system had a low battery – we’ve had this system since 2015, so I guess the system felt it had been left out with everything else falling apart and needing replaced in the house since Bob left me to deal with it alone: he did not leave intentionally, the death angel paid us a visit in August 2018, and collected in December 2018.

And e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. that could fall apart, need replacing, or corrected from the previous owner’s slap-dash-sell-quickly actions on the home-front has been doing so on a continual and irritating basis. This morning was the home security’s turn >:-P

While I was in the kitchen, I decided to repack the panty goods. Most of everything had been stored in repurposed coffee cans, but the cans were taking up a lot of space that could be used more effectively, so I threw the cans out and repacked everything into freezer bags. The freezer bags work better for me anyway: I don’t horde my food stuffs with an eye towards storing it away for 20 years … first off, because I EAT my food stuffs – I don’t pack it to look at; and secondly, for the simple facts that foods stored that long spoil no matter how they are packed. Natural wholesome and healthy foods are not meant to be shelfed that long! A year’s supply of anything is about all I care about. Tomorrow is never a guarantee, and a year is a good stretch of future hedging.

I started with the pastas, moved on to beans, then rice, and finished up with dry milk, sugar, and flours:

REPACKING/REORGANIZING THE PANTRY GOODS. Most of this stuff was bought just before Bob went into ER in August: I really haven’t looked at it since, and it had just been tossed into the pantry and forgotten once we got stuck on the hospital hamster wheel … it really needed to be tended to. Today was as good a day as any to get at it.
REPACKING PASTA. Multicolored spiral Braids of the Garden Pasta. This pasta is almost too pretty to eat ;-)
RIBBON EGG PASTA. Spinach Pasta w-Wild Garlic. Bob would have liked to try this one.
PASTAS AND BEANS REPACKED. Pantry looks neater ... and there is more room in the pantry without the coffee cans – glad I ditched ‘em.
BAMBOO RICE.  Pretty green color and a very pleasant sweet odor.
ARBORIO RICE. Used for rice dishes where a creamy texture is desired.
A VERY FLAT RED RICE. Looks and feels like grass seed heads. Brilliant red color.
TUBULAR TYPE OF ANOTHER RED RICE. Actually looks like dyed white rice ... and the red color is duller than the flatter type of red rice.
JUBILEE RICE MIX. A mix of rices with dried peppers and spices.
WILD RICE. I love the texture, taste, and smell of wild rice; the pungent earthy odor of wild rice reminds me of the outdoors … and the river.
RICES REPACKED. Plenty of room now for more. LOL

After these things were repacked and no longer a boobytrap hazard, I gave my poor complaining feet a rest and took the time to unwind before bedtime by beginning to piece together this lapghan …

I like to cook and I like to try interesting and tasty food stuffs  and Bob liked what I cooked. But now that Bob is no longer here to cook for, or to enjoy meals with me, I have pretty much avoided the kitchen unless forced to acknowledge it.

Today was a step towards healing in that area of my new status in life.

This month marks a third of the year gone already without Bob being a physical part of it. It is hard ... but I find that being physically active helps stave off the overwhelming sense of the loss of his physical presence. 

Activity in the kitchen is physical/mental activity.

Cooking for 1 will be a challenge to wrap my mind around, but at least now I am looking forward to cooking again :-D

Thank YOU, Yeshua, for gently prodding me back to enjoying life again.

I love You, Yeshua.


Don't let me fall away.

I love you Babe.

Until I see you again, I'll be loving you.



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