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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Political Parrots

Again, another political leader parrots delusional twaddle.

==rivlin mentions the fact that Trump, during his first visit overseas as US president, will visit the holy sites of all three Abrahamic religions. “We each have different beliefs — but we all worship the same God,” the Israeli president says.

We DO NOT ALL “worship the same god” – Elohei is NOT allah.

The Creator is not equal to a man-made god created by man, for man.

Elohei is not to be demoted to a common thing to appease man’s pleasure.


Shame on rivlin  … who should know better; but who, obviously is not familiar with his own God Who established Israel through The Faith of Abraham , Issac & Jacob: ALL Hebrews – NOT Egyptians or romans serving lifeless pagan gods birthed in humanistic imaginations and crafted by human hands.

The coexistence doctrine is as old as the Earth, and springs from the pit of hell.


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