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Wednesday, November 1, 2017


I worked these little slippers up tonight – the pair took roughly 6-1/2 hours to complete … subsequent pairs will take less time now that the design is finally worked out ;-)

MOD Penguin Slippers. Will be asking $10 for PR at Saturday’s Bazaar in Rose Valley this weekend.

I used the original pattern found at this link: http://www.knitting-crochet.com/crochet/slisoc.html and dinked around with the size to make it fit a toddler. Then I found a penguin graph and fooled around with that to make it fit my reworked slipper sock. I tried different jacquard methods to work the varied colors into my design, but finally settled on making double yarn balls and carrying them loosely across the backside in a general outline and embroidering the facial features in later on.

As you can see, I also deviated from the original slipper sock pattern and worked my own slipper design in 2 pieces, working the toe and front foot section first so it is easier to embroider the facial features before finishing it up with the heel and ankle part; it worked better for me this way …

MOD Penguin Slippers. General outline design.
MOD Penguin Slippers. Embroidered facial features.

After the face was in place, I joined the slipper top at the center of the graphed penguin detail and finished the slipper, molding it to my scaled down version – I’m happy with the way it the slippers turned out :-D

MOD Penguin Slippers. Finished Design.
MOD Penguin Slippers. Side ridges view.

Here is my basic scaled down pattern. You can match a graph to it like I did if you like, or you can simply make it a plain slipper. I used double yarn throughout to make it a sturdier winter slipper. What I really like about this slipper is that it molds to the foot so there is no sloppiness as you walk - that is a good safety feature for children; especially toddlers ;-) But if you want added safety, just add a few drops of Puff Paint to the bottom and follow the package instructions for drying set up. The Puff Paint is available at Craft Shops like Joanns Fabric Store - it is spendy, but you won't need a lot.

MOD PENGUIN SLIPPERS – Toddler (6-1/2” foot)

Red Heart Supersaver yarn in these colors: Baby Pink (or color of choice); White, Black, Gold; size I crochet hook; small scrap of yarn for marker; scissors; tapestry needle

R1: Ch 2 – work 5 sc in 2nd ch to form a circle.
R2: Work 3 sc in each st across (15 sc). Start now to use a row marker.
R3: *2 sc in first sc/1 sc x2*; repeat around (20 sc).
R4: 2 sc in first sc, *sc x5, inc* around – end sc x6 (23 sc).
R5s thru 13: Work even (23 sc); end off with sl st if you use a graph.
If you didn’t use a graph, this instruction does not apply – just ch 10 and work as instructed in Rs14 thru 22.
R14: IF you ended off – Embroider features and then find the center of the face and attach yarn: ch 10 and work both sides of this chain as follows – sc in 9 ch/sc around foot to chain/sc in 9 ch (41 sc). You will turn work at each end now.
Rs15 thru 20: sc IN BACK LOOPS ONLY NOW around (41 sc).
R21: Begin decrease rows now – sc 18/dec/sc 1/dec/sc 18.
R22: sc 17/dec/sc 1/dec/sc 17.
R23: sc 16/dec/sc 1/dec/sc 16.

Turn work and turn inside out: sl st back seam closed. Because the slipper is small, it will be a tight fit to turn inside out for closure, and to pull the toe right-side-out again, but the yarn will spring back in shape.

That’s it! I hope you can understand my pattern. These slippers make up quick and easy once you set a pace ;-)

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