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Friday, September 15, 2017

2 State Hop

We had a hankering for a tasty hamburger and the need to get out of Dodge for a little bit, so we decided to hop over to Oregon and get a Bundy Burger at Bundy’s: https://www.facebook.com/bundysdrivein/

But first we stopped by the house to see how things were progressing …

Men on the roof! (pic taken 1 street over from our home) The ROOF was DONE by 5 p.m. I was impressed at how quick the men were :-D

Then on down the highway to Puget Island, WA, where we caught the Ferry to Westport, on the Oregon side:

Ferry channel; mid-river. Columbia River.
Westport, OR Ferry Landing.
Not exactly a 'packed house', but the Ferry was loaded. 3 spots to spare ...

Having satisfied hunger cravings with deliciously messy hamburger drive-in cuisine, we crossed the river again to spend some time on home turf; and we peeked at the kitchen while there …

Guest Bathroom skylight. Rebuilt and installed today.
Kitchen skylight. Rebuilt and installed today.
Sink cabinets installed today. Matt even picked a larger overhead cupboard to attach the microwave to so it will be lower to the stove, which is very helpful to a small person like me, who has to reach overhead safely. I keep joking that I need a kitchen built for midgets, but I have a 6'2" hubby who would not appreciate that :-D :-D :-D Chris and Matt are doing a great job in designing and building a kitchen that is beneficial to the 2 of us. We really appreciate them and will not be able to thank them enough for going 'above and beyond'.
Floor tiles picked up and delivered.

Things are looking good. This house is pretty much 'custom made' so the guys do run into snafus that eat up time and frustrate everyone, but they are troopers and we thank them for their dedication and hard work. Elohei will bless them abundantly, I am sure.

And we had an enjoyable day, which is always a plus ;-)

Then we came back to the Hotel and settled in for the night.

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