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Tuesday, May 17, 2022


First thing I did when my feet hit the floor this morning, was to get the laptop up-and-running with weight-lifting arm exercises – I do them with reasonable thinking in mind: I’m 65 – I’ll never look like the models in the vids … and my arms won’t look like 20-y.o.-arms (muscle mass disappears as one ages) but, I will have nicely shaped arms; and I’ll be able to wear sleeveless tops for a few more years without embarrassment – that is my goal.

First thing, this morning ... with light weights.
5 Minute Arm Workout – get lean, tones arms:

Today is Laundry Day – but I set that aside for the morning, and tied my hiking boots on 😉; it wasn’t raining, and I needed the early morning walk. I chose the Pacific Way Trail dike hike at 48th & Pacific Way; it’s fairly close to home, and I like walking that gravel dike road. It’s not as busy as the trail head at 38th.

Second thing, this morning.

I saw Yellow Flags Water Iris’s blooming – but no frisking otter. I’ve only seen the otter once, five years ago, when Bob and I walked this dike trail with our little grandson. I hope, every time I walk this walk, that I’ll see it again: time will tell.

I also saw the yellow pond lilies were profusely blooming.

Yellow Flag Iris's add color to the landscape.
Dike Hike.
Favorable weather; blue skies on the horizon ...

And baby ducks were scuttle-butting everywhere 😊

Most Mallard papas were flanking their hens, and watching their darting progeny jet through the water … but I caught sight of one tired papa catching some shut-eye.

Sleeping Mallard.

Watching those fast-foot churning-darting ducklings, I took mercy on him and scooted past him quietly – he’d need the energy gained with the nap, later on; they sure were keeping their mamas busy 😉

In the air, sparrows and song birds darted here and there … and 3 mallards flew around me as they took to the air – for a minute I thought they might fly right into me – but they swerved around me and noisily flew off. I watched a larger bird, higher in the sky, but couldn’t tell whether it was an eagle or a buzzard.

Interesting cloud formation.
High-flying bird; could be a buzzard.

And a white flowering tree, flanked by green-leafed trees, kinda-sorta resembled a white waterfall.

I know: I have an overactive imagination 😉

White floral waterfall ...

On the return loop of the walk, I stopped and spent some time watching the little feathered darlings – one little fella was cute as he leaped out of the water to nip at bugs on the wing.

And mama and papa were doting in their goal to get their brood from egg to adulthood; so far, the egg hatching has been a success 😊

Baby ducks taking their parents for a swim. LOL
Stevie Ray Vaughan – ‘Scuttle Buttin’ song:
Papa Mallard hung back for a bit - then joined his Hen & 5 ct. brood.

A little closer to the parked Highlander, I came across a nesting site; and watched those ducklings for a few minutes, too. The ducklings don’t stay little very long, and they are so darn cute!

Spotted a nesting site.
Only 3 ducklings for this pair.
7 ct. rambunctious ducklings for this Hen.

It wasn’t noon yet when I got back home, so I delayed the laundry again as I pruned back a few low branches on the decorative Maple out front, that were overhanging into the street … and I planted a hanging pot with the flowering plants I’d bought at the Adna Floral Sale, last month. The fuchsia was starting to bloom, so I figured I’d better get it in an outside pot – the fuchsia is a perennial, and I usually do not have much luck with them; but I’ll be staying home more this year, so hopefully the fuchsia will live and thrive: and I’ll be able to successfully over-winter it.

That is the goal, anyway.

Orange-Yellow flowering Parrot Beak trailing fern, White & Pink Fuchsia, & a Purple Petunia.

After the pot was planted, watered, and hung: I called a friend, and scheduled a lunch date in town next Thursday, at the Vietnamese Restaurant on Commerce.

Then, I got my two delayed loads of laundry underway 😉

I did my physical exercises.

And worked a bit more on the boy themed baby blanket I am designing.

I would have had it done tonight ... but halfway through, I noticed it was not wide enough; and had to tear it all out and restart :-(

But the pattern is easy, so the progress is quick. The goal is to have it totally completed tomorrow.

MOD Peekaboo Blue Baby Blanket; Boy – crochet.

It was an enjoyable morning.

It’s been a busy/productive day.

I’ll sleep well tonight – 99% of the day's goals were met 😊

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