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Saturday, May 18, 2019


The weather forecast said rain … but nothing was mentioned about high winds.

And man (!), did we get them!

A howling storm blew in around 7:30 p.m. and blew things around pretty good:

Storm blowing in and ripping the ‘For Sale’ Sign off the post next door.
Trees being shaken; and our Bird House & Bird Feeder were shaken too.
Hummingbirds braved out the storm.
Wind chimes were blown around – I hope they stay put and don’t get blown into the windows.
A howling wind blew through here like a forlorn banshee. It could be heard very clearly through the closed windows ...
The ‘For Sale’ Sign on the property next door was blown away … gone with the wind.
The door wreath I made 2 decades ago for the 1st house we bought in Longview, was torn off the door hook and blown to the ground – I retrieved it; still in one piece, and it is inside drying out now.

I hope I do not wake up to total chaos tomorrow.

And I hope the hummingbird feeders do not get broken - they are glass feeders.

The houses are pretty tight in this park – things could get dicey for everyone.

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