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Saturday, October 28, 2017


Well, today was the 1st of my scheduled Fall/Winter Bazaars – I am only doing 3 this year; 9 was just too much last year, so I decided to cut them back since I am in it for the fun and socialization more than I am for the $$$. I get a kick out of seeing people admiring and buying my original designs … and I like putting one day every week or so aside from the end of October to the start of December each year to chat with strangers and visit with long-time friends ;-)

This morning, while dawn was breaking, we started the adventure early since it takes roughly an hour or so to drive from our home to Rosburg Hall; depending on the traffic. The highway was pretty open and the drive was fairly peaceful until the other side of Cathlamet, where we met an army truck crawling slowly along our lane ahead of us – what on earth was an army truck doing in the boonies? That was a strange sight to see on a dark highway shrouded by the shifting specter of low-lying river fog. We passed it and continued on, drinking our coffee and talking about everything and nothing in general to stay alert and clear the cobwebs. And then – about 40 minutes further on, as we were entering Graysriver; just the other side of the Covered Bridge turnoff, we met another army truck crawling along. It was getting downright freaky to be truthful: I didn’t like it. 2 army vehicles silently creeping through the dark fog-shrouded-early- morning hours on desolate dawn-rising country backroads just doesn’t set right with me. It was kinda sinister. And just plain weird. Why were they there? What purpose were they serving? Why all the secrecy and covert action? Too much activity and too many question for such a sleepy head … so we passed that one too. And reached the Hall mere minutes later.

We always enjoy spending time in that neck of the woods: Hubs is related to nearly everyone in that region, and I spend many, many, summer days in that region, walking for hours from my mother’s house in Skamokawa to Graysriver, Altoona, Pillar Rock, and Naselle when I was a teenager: I’d literally be gone all day long. In those days, one could walk freely along the highway and byways without being accosted or molested – I would never have allowed my children or grandchildren to walk hours from my home to another county today! It would not be safe.

Anyway, while there today … we enjoyed the festive atmosphere, the customers, the relatives, the new faces, and the profits ;-)

In short, we had a great time and came home richer than when we left :-D A lot of older stuff sold; but I do not have pictures of those items to post – my last laptop ate them when it went crazy. I am glad, though, that they sold, because now I can make NEW things to replace them. LOL!

And the cute crocheted UFO & MOD Aliens that I worked up and tagged a few days ago, was one of the items that SOLD right off … some lucky little boy will get it for Christmas: (https://jeastofeden.blogspot.com/2017/10/ethnic-roots-winter-soups-country.html).

All in all it’s been a good day.

Next week we’ll be setting up in Rose Valley, a little closer to home; it will be our first show there. We spend a lot of time in Rose Valley, but I've never done their Bazaar: I'm excited - I like a change of scenery.

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