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Friday, November 16, 2018


Finished blanket. 28” x 28” square

This pattern is an old one – I found the baby patterns book at a sale decades ago and made this particular baby blanket 27 years ago when our first granddaughter was born.

The original pattern calls for skeins of 1-oz Columbia-Minerva yarn called ‘Precious Nantuck’ but that yarn has since been discontinued, and my understanding is that it was a light weight sport weight yarn. The pattern is based on a multiple of 8 sts + 7 pattern. The original pattern using a sport weight yarn will measure about 27” x 31” when completed. But I make my blankets using Red Heart Worsted for a sturdier Fall/Winter weight baby blanket so my blankets are a bit plumper and sturdier though I do follow the original pattern.

I really like this pattern design and I think you will too. I makes up pretty quickly and this blanket I am working on will also be another donated item when it is completed.


Materials Required: Columbia-Minerva PRECIOUS NANTUCK, 1 oz. pull skeins (or Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo worsted, 1 skein); one pair “Boye” size 6 knitting needles; one crochet hook size 1 (or size 8-H) if using worsted yarn); 2 stitch markers.

Gauge: 11 sts = 2 inches; 15 rows = 2 inches

PATTERN STITCH: Multiple of 8 sts + 7.
Row 1 (RS): K 7, *P 1, K 7; repeat from * across.

ROWS 2 and ALL EVEN ROWS: K the K sts and P the P sts as they face you.

ROW 3: *P 1, K 5, P 1, K 1; repeat from * across: end with P 1, K 5, P 1.

ROW 5: K 1, P 1, *K 3, P1; repeat from * across: end K 1.

ROW 7: K 2, P 1, K 1, P 1, *K 5, P 1, K 1, P 1; repeat from * across: end K 2.

ROW 9: K 3, *P 1, K 7; repeat from * across: end P 1, K 3.

ROW 11: Repeat Row 7.

ROW 13: Repeat Row 5.

ROW 15: Repeat Row 3.

ROW 16: Repeat Row 2.

Repeat these 16 rows for pattern.


Approximate Size: 27 x 31 inches using sport weight yarn; (28 x 28 if using worsted weight yarn)

Cast on 151 sts. K 4 rows. Next row K 4, place marker on needle, knit to last 4, place 2nd marker on needle and K 4.

ROW 1: K 4 garter sts for border, sl marker, work in pattern on the center 143 sts; sl marker, K to end. Keeping 4 garter sts on each side, continue to work in pattern on the sts between markers …

Patterned swaddling blanket being worked using worsted yarn

When piece measures about 30-1/2 inches (27-1/2 inches using worsted) from start, end with Row 2. K 6 rows. Bind off. On right side, crochet 1 row of sc around blanket, increasing at corners.

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