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Monday, May 21, 2018


I designed these little slippers after the original Unisex Slipper Socks pattern. I amended them to fit a smaller child than the original instructions was patterned for; used worsted yarn instead of sport weight yarn, and added my own designed enhancements – in this case, fox facial features ;-)

These are easy to make up in one day since they are small.

Materials: Worsted weight yarn in Carrot-Black-White-Blue colors (I used 2 contrasting blues, but a single blue would do as well); #H crochet hook; Tapestry needle

NOTE: Slippers is worked with 2 strands of worsted – features worked using 1 strand of yarn. Pattern is worked in rounds without joining rounds.

“FOX HEAD” – Rnd 1: With Carrot, ch2 and work 5 sc in 2nd ch from hook to form a circle. Mark last st of this rnd with a length of cc yarn.

Rnd 2: Work 3 sc into each sc around: 15 sc

Rnd 3: *2 sc in first sc, sc in each of next 2 sc*; rep from * to * around: 20 sc

Rnd 4: Inc 3 sc as follows – Inc/6 sc/Inc/6 sc/Inc/5 sc: 23 sc; cut Carrot, leaving a length of yarn and loosely tie.

Toe part of FOX slipper

NOSE: With Black, ch2 and work 5 sc in 2nd ch from hook to form a circle. EO

FACE MASK FEATURE: With White, ch 13 and work along ch’s as follows – 3 Treble crochet, 2 Double crochet, 1 Hdc, 1 Sc, 1 Sl St: (8 sts)

Repeat other side of nose, reversing stitches along the ch’s.

Eye mask taking shape

Pin nose/mask detail in place and sew to slipper upper.

Placing facial features for stitching

EYES: With a length of Black yarn, embroider eyes on mask.

EARS: With Carrot, ch 5, turn and work 1 row even.

Row 2 and subsequent dec rows: 1 sc, 1 dc until there is only 1 st left. EO (Make 4)

INNER EAR: With White, ch 4 – work as for outer ear. (Make 4)

Holding both ear pieces together, Attach Carrot to bottom corner and sc around entire ear, working 1 inc in each corner edge.

Mask in place, ears tacked on

LEG: Attach Blue yarn and sc around entire toe section; DO NOT JOIN. Ch 11.

Row 1: Using both loops, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch sts … working both sides of the ch 11 sts: 45 sc

Following rows will be worked in Ridge Rows, which is to work the back loop (loop away from you) of each sc.

Row 2 thru 8: Work Ridge Rows; ch 1, turn each row.

DEC ROW 1: Sc in each of the next 20 sc/dec/1 sc/dec/20 sc; ch 1, turn.

DEC ROW 2: Sc in each of the next 19 sc/dec/1 sc/dec/19 sc; ch 1, turn.

DEC ROW 3: Sc in each of the next 18 sc/dec/1 sc/dec/18 sc; ch 1, turn.

This is a pic of the original pattern, but of course MOD child's slipper will look different with a much smaller sizing, a fox face toe and blue back ... you can see how easily the pattern can be adapted for smaller sizing and enhanced detail - as I have done with MOD pattern I am posting ...

FINISHING: Fold back of slipper over front part, carefully matching back sts and sl st inside loops of sides together to close the back seam. EO

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