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Monday, February 6, 2017

Post-obama "legacy"

This is not the America I know – this is Amerikka post-obama. The scene shown depicts a 3rd world country in full throttle anarchy … especially muslim countries.

But it most reminds me of what the so-called-palestinian-thugs do to Israelis. THIS is obama’s “legacy”.

These are the types of people libtards and demoncrats wnt to flood America with ... these are the types of people American obamanite governors are suing the government to allow in. This is death-becomes-her steeps's, hollywood hag streisand's, traitor madrona's, media whore assy judd's, stand-by-her-man hellery's, cry baby chuckie's, and dementia poster child nancy plasticface's dream for America: that she goes up in flames.

God give our President, Mr. Trump, the courage to buck the assassination threats leveled against him TO DO what NEEDS TO BE done and end this insanity.

Call the National Guard in. This has gone beyond the pale and needs to be seriously dealt with.

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