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Monday, December 26, 2016

SHAME ON the black "prez" who incites violence

homosexual muslim barak hussain obama watched the black islamic genocide of millions of Christians and religious minorities in Syria and Iraq, but instead of stopping the wholesale murders, he focused ALL of huis perverted attention on Israel abroad and Christians at home in the USA ... and he went out of his way to add his voice of racial and radical condemnation of Israel as  the u.n. vultures gathered to slap the backs of hate-filled and terrorist arabs that pay their salaries; and chortle wickedly in what they think to be a win for them.

Add to that the fact that a black man - dare I say, most likely a muslim also, had previously attacked this same Synagogue with a 'heil hitler' salute and a violent mimic of a machine gun massacre before fleeing on foot. But the evil barak hussain obama - who was front and center vociferously supporting the murderous actions of black live matter terrorists who murdered American policemen and terrorized American Caucasians and Jews - didn't utter a word of condemnation to this action either. And he won't. Because thug-minded and thug-supporting barak hussain obama stand with thugs. barak and michael both have a hoodlum mentality and "don't see" muslim terrorism because they's too busy inciting and promoting terrorism themselves - they are the angriest people I have ever seen ... and I've been walking this earth for 60 years.


SHAME ON the black "prez" who incites violence towards ... and stands idly by as terror is inflicted ... on innocents.

his spokesperson, julie pence, can spout off democratic and liberal twaddle all she wants to about how barak hussain obama will go down in history “loved” and “scandal free”, BUT people who live in reality instead of the rampant insanity that shrouds the obama’s and his administration during his tyrannical reign of terror on America the past 8 years KNOW that what mz pence is throwing out as a lifeline for obama is nothing more than political propaganda bull. babrak hussain obama will, in actuality, go down in History as the MOST arrogant, ignorant, and divisive tyrant to pull off a political coup EVER. barak hussain obama, who ran his entre coup on ‘unity’ has instead torn America apart, destroyed 200+ years of freedom, did his best to erase Christianity – going so far as to pass into Law that Christians are “domestic terrorists” – sanctioned the MURDER of millions of innocent babies while using their poor little bodies for ‘efficient fuel’ (save a tree, burn a baby is the democratic/liberal motto), condemned peaceful Israel while promoting murderous hamas. I’d say barak husssain obama is ANYTHING BUT loved or scandal free: his entire life is a scandal and the only ones that love him are his equally wicked minions – which as a scandal in itself in America.

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