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Saturday, February 25, 2017

MOD Indian Bullfrog Slippers

I started & finished these little slippers a couple days ago but since then both Hubs & I have been battling bronchitis – not horribly bad, but it does interfere with our days because we get so worn down – so I haven’t felt up to posting anything until now.

I used this color scheme …

Indian Bullfrog- Thailand

They worked up rather quickly, and I think they turned out pretty cute:

MOD Indian Bullfrog Slippers – BOY/Toddler  $10 PR

I feel another wave of dizziness coming on, so I’m going to knock off again. We are fairly certain that we picked up this nasty complication while at a senior gathering a week ago where everyone was either sick and coughing, or had just had their round of shots; due to personal convictions and living fully in our Faith with faith, we haven’t stepped inside a doctor’s office for the past 20 years, and we decided to forgo the scheduled senior shots; so for the time being we are going to try to avoid people who have recently rushed to get their scheduled shots and hopefully this bronchitis will quickly pass and we can get out and about again … and I can get back to designing and posting again real soon.