I'll Meet You There ...

Friday, July 12, 2019



I didn’t think I would get everything done before midnight.

But I surprised myself and had everything done – including ALL the dirty dishes – BEFORE 9 p.m. :-D

Of course, I am getting up earlier since Bob’s spirit left Earth, and that helps: it is strange – getting up before dawn, but it helps me accomplish stuff that needs to get done before the day ends.

And when the Shabbat Rest weekend rolls around … I WANT things done Friday’s before the sun goes down, so I can kick back and relax until Sunday evening (I am a Christian Jew, so I combine the Jewish Sabbath & the Christian Sunday rest days: a 3-day weekend works great for me)  ;-)

Even though we have had rain the past few days, my onion beds always seem dried out at the topsoil, so I always water those 3 beds no matter what to keep the onions happy and plumping. Onion roots are shallow, so they almost always need daily watering – they get watered even if nothing else does.

The rain barrels were filled to the top: I did the happy dance; LOL

After I watered the onion beds, I sprayed the cabbages, collards, and kale with BT. Cabbage worms decimated my cabbages bed last year; and I want to get a handle on the situation this year before it gets out of hand. While I was watering the onions, I noticed the Katrina Cabbages in the Redwing Onion Bed, had doubled in head size during this rainy week:

I noted that Collard plant next to the cabbages had some leaves that can be pulled too … but that will have to wait: I have bread to bake and housework that needs tended to today, so I don’t have time to mess with the Collards – maybe Monday; I am not going to interrupt my 3-day weekend to get at it tomorrow. They will hold until Monday. I need the whole weekend to unwind from the stressful past 6 days.

Checking all the beds for moisture levels, I gleaned all the mature Miner’s Lettuce leaves, some fat and juicy Purslane leaves, and 4 Mignon Baby Carrots for a Supper Salad tonight:

Moving down the line, I grabbed 2 little YELLOW & GREEN Zucchinis’ in passing – these will go into the salad too for crunch and color effect. I love zucchini, and will eat it any way it is served: fried, baked, souped, raw, shredded in salads: and the health benefits are pretty awesome too! Zucchini improves digestion, slows down aging (I’m game for that!), lowers blood sugar levels, keeps your heart healthy, improves eye health (another huge plus in my book), boosts energy levels, helpful for weight loss (thank You, Yeshua!), keeps hormones balanced (are YOU loving this veggie yet?), helps guard against inflammation (YES!). Read MORE about this amazing vegetable at this link: (https://foodrevolution.org/blog/zucchini-benefits/)

And I was tickled pink to see that I have beans on ALL my bush bean plants :-D

Green NICKEL Bush Bean. A baby French-fillet bean.
Yellow SOLEIL French-fillet wax Bush Bean.

Working my way to the back-end of my garden, I pulled 2 of the biggest little Tom Thumb Lettuces in the Shallot container; and all of the red Mascara lettuces in the Tomato bed; to add to the greens I pulled earlier. The lettuces have pretty much played themselves out, and will be reseeded:

I noticed that the pretty blossoms on my Patio Baby Eggplant plant are gone – probably beat off by the rainfall we have had – but I still do not see even the start of a fruit anywhere on the plant. It is disappointing …

I pinched a few Nasturtium leaves for a taste of zip in my Supper Salad, and picked a few perky Nasturtium & Viola flowers too, while I deadheaded the spent ones, and pinched off the seed pods; these flowers are starting to go to seed, so if I want them to continue flowering through the Summer months, I need to start pinching off their seed heads/pods:

And I got sidetracked by the grass sprouting among viola's blooming in the beach rock back yard - so I walked around plucking the grass blades out here and there, before heading back to my veggie garden area.

The Jack-Be-Little pumpkins are growing like gangbusters! The tiny pumpkins of 6 days ago have tripled in size, and I counted 15 showing and growing. And look at those HUGE blossoms - wowzers!

The veggie garden tended to, I walked around to the front of the house, curbside, and deadheaded the spent Shasta daisies to keep the daisy plant looking fresh and pumping out new blossoms (they will bloom right up to Fall if deadheaded) – putting those cuttings into the corn beds for mulch.

Outside chores done, I gathered my veggie gleanings and walked around to the carport where the W-H-Y Trap was doing its job …

Satisfied that everything outside was humming along as expected, putting on a colorful show ...

.... and providing substance on schedule; I went inside to start cleaning my gleaned greens, and making preparations to get my bread baking underway.

I washed, drained, and wrapped the gleaned salad greens in a bath towel and stored it in the ‘fridge to wick the wet off the leaves while I started my bread – since this was the Sabbath day, I made Challah (http://jeastofeden.blogspot.com/2018/07/low-cholesterol-challah-shabbat-bread.html).

While the bread was doing it’s first rise, I unwrapped the greens and went outside to pull 1 red & 1 white onion; the red would go into the salad, & the white would go into the tuna spread I was hungering for ;-)

I swept the floor, and did my exercises, during the bread’s second rising.

Around 5 p.m., I had a very simplistic Supper while my bread baked:

A very simple Supper tonight because my day was super busy: I could not have eaten anything bigger or heavier on the stomach - I was so beat. Tuna Sandwich with some of the green salad added.

Satiated with my simple meal, I turned my baked bread out onto a cooling rack, brushed it with butter-flavored Crisco to keep the crust soft, and covered it with a kitchen towel while it cooled.

Then I washed my hair (I want to look my best for visiting Angels – and for Yeshua & Bob looking down on me), changed into some comfy clothes, poured a glass of wine (my tail was dragging at this point); and called it a day.

A satisfying day, in which everything that needed to get done, GOT done.

L’Chiam (to life!)!

I love you, Babe.



P.S. Babe: Everyone walking by today commented on your boxes that you designed and built for me - you did good. As always. ~kiss