I'll Meet You There ...

Tuesday, June 18, 2019


Yesterday was laundry day, so as soon as my eyes were fully awake and it was safe to be noisy in the neighborhood without complaints, I jumped into some clothes and went outside to tackle the infected apple trees before my day got away from me.

I wasn’t looking forward to the task as I knew I would have to prune my Patio Apple Trees pretty severely; and that action may well kill them. But if I want to keep them alive, the cuts had to be made now:

I removed a lot of apple tree limbs from my 2 patio Apple trees – and lost the few apples that did set, as well. I normally get enough apples for 6 apple pies through Winter into Spring, but there will be no apple harvest this year ...

I know it is the wrong time of the year to be pruning fruit trees, but they had both been seriously struck with the apple tree killing disease, ‘fire blight’ – and severe pruning is their only hope of survival at this point …

They look so naked and forlorn. Poor things.

Then I fertilized all the veggie beds.

Hopefully, the added boost will give the struggling plants some of what the absent sun has been holding back:

These Comos should be pretty tall by now, but the gray skies and yo-yoing temperatures keep everything confused and stunted.

I found another volunteer petunia coming up in one of the Yellow Parrot Tulip bowls …

And I got excited when I saw a colorful fruit set blossom on my eggplant!

In truth, I did not expect this eggplant to get as far as it has in this wet and humid PNW climate. It is struggling – but it is also thriving :-D

If I get just 1 eggplant, I will be happy. At least I now know that I can grow them here.

I bet Bob is smiling down on me; watching my personal growth, & my garden’s growth, as my experiments are starting to hit pay dirt.

And saying to Yeshua, “Will You look at that? My lady is a winner”.

Only Bob could ever see me as a lady ;-)