I'll Meet You There ...

Monday, December 17, 2018


I woke up with this song in my head … I wasn’t thinking of it; I’ve been too exhausted lately to think of anything at the end of the day … so I thanked Elohei for speaking peace to my spirit ;-)

On another note, I started cleaning house yesterday and clearing out some of  Hub’s clothing - I can't look at it and Bob knew I would do this: we talked about it many times over the years; especially after funerals. My BIL Kerry, and his son Casey, came over yesterday morning to clean the gutters for me: Hub’s and I had intended to do that in the Fall before all hell broke loose in August with ending result being his death. When they left, all of Hub’s shirts, coats, and shoes left with them. I am glad to give to family members – I would rather have family members using his stuff that total strangers. Then around 8:30 p.m. I decided to switch the sheets out on the bed and take a shower: the sheets really didn’t need changing as I have not been home in a month to sleep in the bed, but old habits die hard; so they got changed. When I stepped into the shower I noticed that one of the sliding doors was off track so I attempted to move it and it literally came out of the tracks falling back towards me! So I examined the structure to see what was happening and noticed that the entire top bar was hanging precariously – I gently set the door back in the track as best I could without bringing the top bar down on my head, and stepped out of the shower stall. I called SIL Merry to see if there were any guys still hanging around at her place and she said that they had already left, but SIL Bonnie came over and fixed it :-D and I watched what she did closely so I will know what to do if it ever happens again ;-)

I have SO MUCH to learn so I can begin flying solo with confidence.

But for now, I have the assurance of ‘peace like a river’ … and Elohim is taking good care of me by meeting my needs in unexpected ways. Anything Lucifer can throw at me, Elohei will take care of. Of this I am certain.