I'll Meet You There ...

Monday, July 8, 2019


4 years ago I found out I suffer severe anaphylactic reaction to wasp stings: the left side of my face swelled grotesquely, my heart rate accelerated like I had run for my life, my lips started tingling, I got nauseous, and my tongue swelled so, it really did concern me - I already have trouble breathing without a swelled tongue complicating things.

I went to the Pharmacy after that experience to buy an EpiPen and was told I will need a prescription for an EpiPen, which runs as high as A THOUSAND DOLLARS!

So ...

Because I am not as rich as the medical people seem to believe I should be, and life-saving medicines are withheld UNLESS you are willing to spend $500.00 a minute to listen to a stuffy doctor tell you what you ALREADY KNOW, I will forego the EpiPen. I just do not have $2,000 to spend freely in under half an hour's time.

I got these Wasp-Hornet-Yellow Jacket traps at Lowe's the other day. They are a LOT cheaper; hopefully they will keep the winged demons away from me.
I have limited “shaded” area here at the Park, so I have to make do with what I have – the trap went up in the carport … by an entrance, but I can’t help that: I need the trap, and the carport is the ONLY shaded spot on my lot. Actually, I bought the traps to put in the garden area because that is where I see wasp and yellow jacket activity, but the instruction say to keep the traps away from food sources, and out of direct sunlight; so I hope the winged demons smell the trap’s enticement odor and wing their way from the garden to the carport … and into the trap.

The instructions were real simple (Thank you, Yeshua!) for simple-minded people like me, and it went together quickly:

Learning to do on my own.
Keep it simple, and I can do it ... make it complicated, and I am like a deer in the headlights: frozen and brain-dead.
Trap hung with a hope & a prayer: if I followed the instructions correctly, it should work and do it's thing.

My daughter told me when she was here the other day and heard about my anaphylactic episode, that next time I may die when stung if I don’t get to ER fast. I am not going to get wigged out about it and live in fear just because Bob is no longer here to help me when I need help: IF I get stung and die, that's okay - I KNOW where I am headed. Death does not scare me; life as we know here on Earth, it is only an illusion. And Yeshua & Bob are waiting for me ;-)

I looked out the kitchen window a few minutes ago and SAW this ...

HA! I figured it out ... and it IS working! It feels good to know I am not stupid.