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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Day by Day

A little at a time, and day by day … that is how we are getting our new home prepared for the Fall season.

Hubs built me another planter box to place along the sunny side border of our lot; these will look a lot nicer than a wire fence (fancy ones look nice, but they are still wire) and will do double duty – clearly define our border line, and serve as a bright focal point when filled with cheerful flowers and yummy veggies next Spring :-D

Planter Box #2 – deeper with a 3 board siding instead of 2.
Two finished planter boxes. Looking good! These will be permanently set in place once they are all finished.
Sunday I finished the second in the Earth's Children series by Jean Auel; these books are old friends and I am familiar with the story, so reading them is going quicker than the 1st time around. But this 2nd reading of the series is just as much of an adventure as the first time ;-)

In keeping with the theme of the novel series I am reading after my vigorous outdoor activity is finished for the day, I crafted these little slippers for the upcoming Bazaar Season; designing and working them up yesterday:

MOD Squid-headed Nautiloid Slippers; 3 to 4 YO  BOY
The inspiration for MOD Nautiloid slippers - an extinct prehistoric sea creature.

And this morning while Hubs worked on a third planter box for me, I got busy preparing the oval planter out front of our home for potting soil and plants …

Over the weekend Hubs had removed the stump from the oval planter out front …
… and today I got the darned thing totally dug out and ready to be refilled – HARD WORK in the brutal sunshine. But I am glad I pushed on to get it emptied and prepped.

Whooeee – I am beat. But we feel accomplished and are starting to feel that our new home is coming together as our new home ;-)