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Thursday, February 16, 2017

UPDATED! MOD Ranitomeya Toddler Slippers

I finished these little slippers up last night around midnight:

MOD Ranitomeya Slippers – Toddler $10 PR

And they turned out okay ;-)

Getting a picture with orange yarn is always dicey for me – when I use a flash, I get flashback … but when I don’t use a flash I get a dark picture that is unusable. But I liked this color scheme so I chanced the orange ...

Crocheting the mouth line took a considerable amount of time; more than I would have thought necessary, but I am pleased with the final result:

The color yarn I used really is the same shade of the pictured frog face above, but the flashback makes it lighter.

UPDATE! The original eyes I designed for these slippers were closer to the pictures of the frog ... but they bothered me because I didn't think they looked "froggy" enough; so I broke with sticking to 'original' and went with gut feeling - and designed these new eyes for my frog slippers (updated pics below) and I think they look a LOT better, what do you think?

All in all this is a cute pair of toddler slippers and I am happy with the results :-D